Does the thought still count when you get THIS as a gift?

What’s the most inappropriate gift you’ve ever received?

A treadmill from your boyfriend? A packet of condoms from your grandma? Colourful hair clips from your husband’s mum that look like they’re for a 6-year-old girl? A discman?

How would you react if someone gave you a pole? Stripper’s pole, that is. Would you say ‘thanks but no thanks’? Or would you set it up in the backyard, don some high heels and, you know, mount it?

In a recently interview, Stephanie Rice let is slip that she once owned a stripper pole – that was given to her by a family member.

The Herald Sun reports:

The revelation didn’t come via Twitter, the Olympic swimmer’s main method of communication, but through an interview with Triple M.

“I did do some classes and I made one of my family members buy me the pole because I was, like, well this can be cross-training exercise,” Rice told the radio station.

“But I don’t have it any more.”

Have you ever received an inappropriate gift? Have you ever given someone something bizarre?