The Aussie ad that promises death to kids who skip school.

Stay in school kids, or you’ll never get into a good uni and most of your limbs will be blown off.

You know, just the standard repercussions that come from skipping class.

That’s the bizarre (and kind of hilarious) new message in this new PSA from filmmakers and comedians Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann (NSFW warning – it’s a super violent video):

Inglis and McCann are saying that they made the commercial for ‘Learn For Life’, a non-for-profit foundation that promotes… um… something to do with education in Western Australia. I think.

That’s the thing – the Learn for Life website is suspiciously void of any information, other than some stock photos of happy students, lots of words starting with ‘L’ and a link to Inglis and McCann’s official filmmaking website:


Seriously – that’s it. None of the tabs go anywhere, and the website was created in 2014.

I think I smell bullshit. The “let’s pretend a polite little education foundation made a crazy ad because then it’s way more likely to go viral than if it was just some random comedians’ idea” kind of bullshit. Totally happy for someone to prove me wrong, but it’s all very suss.

Still. It’s a funny ad. And the genius marketing ploy worked (if indeed it is a ploy which I’m not saying it is but it definitely probably is): the ‘ad’ has gone crazy viral and news sites all over the world can’t believe a little education foundation in Western Australia decided to make such a weird, violent commercial. That’s great coverage for a couple of filmmakers who signed to a major US talent agency last year.

Oh how I miss the days when I wasn’t so suspicious of every viral thing on the internet.

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