Squoobs: The latest trend in cleavage

There’s a new trend emerging on the red carpet involving cleavage. Make that squashed, flat cleavage.

A look once favoured by Edwardian ladies, the phenomenon has a new name thanks to British newspaper, The Sun. Coined the “squoob,” it is the busty result of squishing an hourglass figure into a tight corset-style dress. A mid-boob tourniquet if you will. The squoob dominated at the Golden Globes and SAG award ceremonies this year and Christina Hendricks and Sofia Vergara are both repeat offenders.

Let me just say I am not a fan of the look and by that I am not being purely judgmental. I had the unfortunate experience of sporting a squoob on only the most photographed day of my life. An over zealous dressmaker ensured I ended up with one on my wedding day. Maybe she was ahead of her time or maybe I put on a few pounds, but a “bridal squoob” was most definitely not the look I was going for. My boobs started just under my collarbone and ended –rather painfully- under the tight band of my dress. I had taken great care in camouflaging my large bust for most my life -in loose billowy tops- and then here they were on display, to pretty much everyone I knew.

Oh well, at least I’m in good company.

Would you ever hoik your er, ladylumps up this way or is it yet another slightly torturous, therefore ridiculous fashion trend?