From chic sunnies to summer dresses: 22 things the Mamamia team shopped this month.

With international travel resuming, lockdowns lifting across Victoria and New South Wales, and summer a mere five weeks away, it would be rude of us not to add a few extra bits to our wardrobes. Just think of all the PLACES we can WEAR THEM.

From easy breezy summer dresses to slip-on sandals, here are 22 fashion things the Mamamia team shopped this month.

Vagary The Label Sea Green Moon Chant Gown, $219.95.

"This dress from Vagary The Label is HEAVEN. It has POCKETS. And the print makes me want to burn some sage and howl at the moon a little. They’re a small, inclusive, slow fashion Australian label and I always set my alarm when they have a new collection coming out." - Keryn Donnelly, Pop Culture Editor.

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H&M Short Kaftan, $69.99.

"I bought this after listening to our new fashion podcast, What Are You Wearing, and it looks more expensive than it is. Love the wide sleeves too. I could dress it up and wear it out for dinner with heels or just as easily wear with slides on a summer day. I'm currently wearing it at work with loafers." - Isobel Paine, Head of MPlus.

Image: H&M. 


Kmart Short Sleeve Collar True Knit Top, $15.00, and Earrings, $4.00 for a pack of three.

"I love that Kmart has come out with a chic version of a collared 'golf dad' knit! Such a great transseasonal piece, I got a size 10 so it's slightly oversized but you could go for a more snug fit. The earrings were a no-brainer - I love a chunky gold earring and couldn't go past this cute three pack with a few different hoop styles to play with!" - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle and co-host of What Are You Wearing?

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Poppy Lissiman Dae - Torti,  $145.

"Got these Poppy Lissiman sunnies and I love them! They came in the cutest packaging too." - Laura Jackel, Content Producer.


Image: Supplied. 

Gunes Swim Eternity Tote, $55.

"I just bought this bag for the beach and I am OBSESSED." - Madeleine Balkwell, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Gunes Swim. 


Rainkoat Adult Stripy Sailor, $150.

"Even though it's Spring, here in Melbourne we're unfortunately still dealing with lots of rainy days! I just bought this raincoat which I think is super cute. I love the colour and the design, and importantly it’s really great quality and actually keeps me dry! Perfect length to wear over leggings, and it’s a bit oversized so plenty of room for layers underneath." - Simone Masci, Sales Manager.

Image: Rainkoat. 

Nap Loungewear Fluffy Slipper, 18.

"I bought these slippers in bright yellow. They are amazingly comfy and as they are slides, they're not too hot to wear in the warmer weather." - Jacqui Capel, General Manager, Social Squad.



Dissh Darby White Linen Shirt Midi Dress, $169.95.

"I can't stop buying throw-on dresses for spring and summer, and this month I've bought two. The first is this white linen dress that's BEAUTIFUL on (and will be ironed before wearing out). It cinches at the waist so I don't look like I'm drowning in it and will work with both sandals and heels. Christmas Day dress? I think yes." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

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In the Sac The Linen Caribbean Dress, $150.

"The second is this quite similar black linen dress from a Sydney-based Lady Startup (it was on sale, I just had to). It has a much more relaxed fit that will take me from the beach to drinks, and it can also be worn unbuttoned as a cardigan over a crop and jeans. It'll be my go-to summer dress." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

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Maison De Sabre The Mini Tote, $429.

"My housemate bought this mini tote from Maison De Sabre months ago and I've finally been influenced. It's the perfect going out bag - for a while I was lugging around a bucket bag but this one is so chic and UNIQUE! I love the sturdiness and shape." - Emma Gillman, News Writer.


Showpo Becca Plisse Flared Pants, $69.95.

"I've wanted to try out the swishy pant trend for a little while, and fell in love with these while browsing Showpo - they're SO comfortable and really elevate a plain tee, I can see myself throwing them over swimwear on summer days and then heading straight to the bar. Warning: they are fairly see through, and quite long too, so I do need to roll up the waist - short leg problems!" - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle and co-host of What Are You Wearing?


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Papillio Cleo Leather Frosted Metallic Rose Sandals, $191.

"I just bought a pair of these sandals from the Papillio by Birkenstock range and I am obsessed!" - Claire Murphy, host of The Quicky.

Image: Westfield. 


Listen to Mamamia's fashion podcast, What Are You Wearing? In this episode, co-hosts Tamara and Deni discuss The Bachelorette fashion. Post continues after audio.

Bronte Co Cottesloe Neoprene Tote Bag, $79.95.

"I recently bought this bag and purse set from Bronte Co. It's soft and smells like a wetsuit which I love. Nice and big, it's super versatile - I use it to go shopping, as a nappy bag and also take it to the beach." - Rikki Waller, Strategic Partnerships Manager.

Image: Bronte Co. 

Seafolly Folklore Tier Dress, $129.95.

"I won a voucher at my local shopping centre and spent it on this dress for summer. It's so light and airy and feels like I’ve owned for years." - Susannah Makin, Content Marketing Assistant.

Image: Seafolly. 


Buon Clothing Let's Bee Friends Tee, $89.

"I bought my boyfriend and I matching shirts from BUON clothing. I may have also picked up one of their t-shirt dresses! I couldn't resist! They're a lovely Melbourne-based small business with a focus on ethical production and a great size range." - Rose Kerr, Podcast Producer.

Image: Buon Clothing. 

Quay Australia Yada Yada, $65.

"These sunglasses spoke to me. I already own the brown pair and love them so I just had to get the pink option too. Our fashion podcast co-host Tamara Davis also wrote about them in an article so they must be cool!" - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


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The Sleeper Navy Linen Pajamas Set with Shorts, $220.

"I bought this linen shirt and short set. Technically, it's pyjamas, but I'll be wearing it out and about, for sure, with some cute sandals and jewellery." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager.

Image: The Sleeper. 


Lack of Color The Devin Cowboy, $99.

"I BOUGHT THIS COWGIRL HAT! I’ve never had a hat fit me so well! I now truly understand what it’s like to purchase a good quality hat and I would like to think I will never go back. It's also perfect for picnics if that's your thing." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

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Classic Crocs Sandal, $44.99. 

"Also, I bought these crocs and they have quickly become my favourite shoes. I bought them as an alternative to my Birkenstocks and they’re so comfy! I’ve also had lots of people stare at my feet? Not sure if it’s cause they love them or hate them." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

Image: Supplied. 


Blanca Tappy Shirt, $239, and Shorts, $129.

"I bought this shirt and shorts from Blanca. I like the idea of being able to wear it with heels for a luxe PJ feel. It also feels very soft." - Isobel Paine, Head of MPlus.

Image: The Iconic. 

Did you buy something new in October? Or maybe you thrifted something cute and gave it new life! Tell us in the comments!

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