Spring's biggest hair trends are as low-key as they look.

The term ‘effortless’ is bandied about a lot these days, especially when it comes to celebrity hair. “Look at Blake’s beachy waves! So natural“, we gasp, knowing full well we will never look like that emerging from the actual ocean.

The sad reality is it often takes countless hours at the salon to achieve (and maintain) those undone A-list locks, and no amount of sea salt spray can salvage us.

But not so this season. Rest assured, if you’re feeling the need for a pre-spring refresh in the cut or colour department, these celeb-approved looks are ACTUALLY as low-key as they look.

5 easy ways to lift your hair game, that are as easy as not brushing your hair when it’s wet. Post continues below.

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The cool-girl colour: Rooted citrine.

We can always rely on Margot Robbie for flawless hair minus the fuss. While on the promo trail for Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, Margot demonstrated an even more down-to-earth take on her signature blonde ‘do.

Enter “rooted citrine,” a very stylist-y term that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Our normal person translation? Think lived-in blonde that’s more yellowed-gold than the icy platinum popular in the cooler months.

“It’s fresh, relaxed and understated,” says Education Director at Edwards and Co, Michael Kelly, of the sunny style. “Those golds that shine true to their syrupy beginnings are definitely on trend right now.”

Spring hair trends Margot Robbie
A lived-in alternative to Robbie's signature blonde waves. Image: Getty.

The 'graduated' colour is also the perfect hack for your overgrown roots - hurrah!

"Those who are super blonde right now may have to embrace pushing past the 6-8 week regularity of having their roots maintained," Kelly says. "But really all heads can strive for Margot’s blonde to some extent. My top tip is always to ask for an interpretation rather than an exact replication, that way you won’t be crushed when you don’t look exactly like Margot!"

So, how to achieve it? Ask your colourist for a mix of highlights, lowlights and a root shadow, says Kelly.

Then it's just a bi-annual trip to the salon to keep your tresses on point, with the colourist recommending an 8-week-gloss and Olaplex treatment for an extra boost of healthy shine. Easy peasy.


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The cult cut: Curtain bangs.

This isn't the first time, and it won't be the last, that you hear the term Curtain Bangs. Named that way because the fringe mimics the way your curtains part in the middle, it's THE celeb style of the year, as seen on the ever-stylish Dakota Johnson. It's also a cut loved by JLo, Hilary Duff, Jessica Biel and Zoe Deschanel - and there's a reason.

"Everyone loves to play around with their bangs," explains Kelly. "This is a low commitment way of really changing up your look without having to suffer for it if it doesn't work."

Spring hair trends curtain fringe
The middle-parted fringe is super flattering and practically foolproof. Image: Getty.

He adds that even if you don't love this cut on yourself, "the biggest risk is that you have to grow it out for a month or so."

But all in all? It's pretty foolproof.

"The best part of this fringe is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. The more dishevelled and loose it is the better it will sit. Think Bridgette Bardot but 2019!"


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It's also a style with minimal upkeep required, which is music to our ears. The colourist suggests "Regular fringe trims to remove the right amount of weight so your fringe has an airy feel."

"A good paddle brush will be a lifesaver, and have a good dry shampoo on hand to avoid that slick look."

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