Sponsored post: Free Finish Quantum for everyone*!

Welcome to a sponsored post brought to you by Finish Quantum, a new automatic dishwashing product that you’re going to get to try for free.

“How fabulous does that sound?”  I hear you shout with glee. Well yes, indeed it does sound fabulous. But wait, there’s more.

As my friend Moira writes…..

“I love Masterchef. Every night I watch with rapt attention as the potential masterchefs create culinary masterpieces from the most ordinary everyday items – like groceries.  No, I am not watching the groceries – I am watching the utensils.  Gosh they seem to use a lot of “tools” like spoons and cherry pitters and mixing bowls and casserole dishes and colanders and mezzalunas.  They pick up another utensil every minute and then….then they vanish.  I know this is reality TV but in reality people HAVE TO WASH THE DISHES.

And I am intrigued.  Who washes their dishes? And do they use a dishwasher or do they use a sponge?  I hope that they know that dishwashers are way more hygienic than sponges and they also use less water and energy than washing by hand. Personally, I rely on that information all the time.  Cuts down on the energy, the water usage and the guilt.  All in one step

I imagine that if the Masterchefs use a dishwasher and they used Finish Quantum they wouldn’t show it for obvious reasons – NO ONE wants to watch a machine running, not even people who watch the ads.  There is also no way you could draw out and prolong switching on a button. You see if you use Finish Quantum there is no need to pre-rinse dishes as the ingredients in the capsule actually break down food particles so it can really get rid of baked on stains.  No pre-rinsing? Do you have any idea of how much time (and water) that saves? Lord, you could fit in a whole extra episode of Masterchef in the time saved.  There is also no need to unwrap anything, no fiddly bits – it is in fact a “squishy” capsule so you just pop it in the machine and switch it on. It hardly makes for scintillating viewing but it’s a real time saver when you are at home in your own kitchen.

Although, truth be told, when I first used Finish Quantum I spent so much time checking out the actual capsule that I missed the opening credits of Glee.  It’s the most futuristic product in my kitchen with three visible chambers where you can see all the “magic stuff” that makes the dishes and glasses clean and shine.  And they really do shine and I don’t have to spend hours polishing glasses.  In fact not even minutes – Finish Quantum does that for me.  Even after the messiest meal, there is nothing left but shine.   Makes it look like a Masterchef kitchen at my house every day.

You should try it.  Really you should, you will never want to use another automatic dishwashing product.  Now you can. For free. With nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

I love it when I can make dreams come true.  And that’s what we’re going to do today with the news that Finish Quantum want to sprinkle some sparkly clean dishwasher love all over the Mamamia community and give EVERY SINGLE MAMAMIA READER in Australia, who owns a dishwasher*, a free Finish Quantum sample. I’m going to make it mega simple (just like sticking Finish Quantum in your dishwasher). Just fill in your details below and the lovely people at Finish will speedily dispatch some samples to your house. You’ll have to put it in your own dishwasher yourself  though. I’m sure you’ll be up for that.


Thanks for trying to sign up for this great give-away but unfortunately all 5000 samples have been distributed to Mamamia readers and it’s now closed. We promise to have some more great offers again soon.


Have you had any dishwashing experiences that you want to share with us? Anything that happened to your dishes between the dinner table and the cupboard? It’s amazing what can happen in that short space. And don’t forget to let us know how you went with your Finish Quantum sample when you get it!!

*While stocks last. Limit of one sample per person. Personal details collected will not be given to any third party for marketing outside of this sampling campaign. may contact you in future via your email address (if provided) to see if you are interested in any future sampling activity or free giveaways.

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