The five-week old quote from Sophie Monk we're pretty sure is a massive accidental spoiler.

** Warning: This could be a spoiler. I mean, it’s a speculative one. But still.**

Some people study to save lives. Others to put the bad guys away. A few more to change the world.

It appears I accidentally fell into a career path where deep-diving Bachelorette news – and finding subsequent could-be spoilers – is a far more respected hobby than watching Lee Lin Chin doing her thing on SBS World News.

After all, who cares about North Korea and Donald Trump when Sophie Monk and 18 strange men can save the world? (That’s a joke. Obviously. Those men can barely string a sentence together in front of Sophie, struggling to save themselves, let alone the world.)

Don’t ask how – Colonel Sanders never revealed his 11 secret herbs and spices, so don’t expect I am about to reveal mine – but this week, I stumbled on a quote from Sophie Monk dating back to September that could well have spoiled the show.

Ahem. If you’re interested in a few more Bachelorette-related rants, listen to Bach Chat.

In fact, she might as well have blurted out ‘Stu and I are great and in love, thanks for asking!’ so obvious was her clanger.

You ready?

Let’s go.

On September 11, Sophie was interviewed by NW magazine about love and the show, where her quotes went as follows:

“Yep! I’m fully in love! I’ve got to say, at the beginning, I was so nervous about this, but it was fun and also hard work because you’re hurting people and it’s real emotions and it’s actually real.

“I’d love to have my own [kids]… I think in a year or a year and a half maybe.”

Did ya catch it? Need a hand? Let’s go closer.

It’s this:


Ahem? Mi scusi? You want what? When?

Can I just...would you mind if I just...

Your own kids? Right. Because the person you're dating has kids? And therefore, you'd like to specify you want your own?

I hate to speculate (I don't hate it at all) but I would argue, unless James has a couple of kittens rolling around whom he refers to has his children, old mate Stu the publican, also known as a father-of-four, has this one in the bag.

Until next time.