The Beyonce family fight that the world is talking about.

They’re one of the most rich and famous families in the world, so what would make them have a public scrap in an elevator?

Footage has emerged of a violent altercation between Jay-Z and his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, following last Monday’s Met Gala.

The video, which was captured by surveillance cameras and later obtained by celebrity news website TMZ, shows the pair entering an elevator following the event’s after-party with Beyonce and a security guard in tow. You can watch it here:

Since the fight, theories have abounded about what happened to make this famous family combust.

While they’re so far staying quiet, one thing’s for sure – Beyonce appears to hold no ill will towards either of them for the bust-up.

Days after the fight, Solange and Beyonce flew off together to attend Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland’s wedding in Costa Rica.

And last night, Beyonce and Jay Z went out together to a basketball game in New York, where they were snapped by the crowd looking happy and relaxed.

So no trouble in paradise, then? It didn’t look like it on Met Ball night.

This is how the fight played out: As the hotel lift doors close Solange, 27, strikes the 44-year-old rapper with her handbag before ferociously shoving and kicking him. Although there is no audio available, their intense confrontation appears to be sparked by a verbal exchange.

Solange is quickly restrained by the security guard, but she continues yelling, gesticulating wildly and attempting to punch her brother-in-law, who at one point takes hold of her leg as she kicks out but doesn’t retaliate.

The guard is shown pressing the lift’s emergency stop button, presumably trying to keep the fight contained from the scrum of photographers gathered on the ground floor. (Noble intentions there, but the release of this footage today has whipped up an Internet storm.)

Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange looked tense as they exited the lift after the altercation

Beyonce, undoubtedly caught in a very awkward situation, is shown at first standing passively in the corner of the elevator.

The 32-year-old singer eventually positions herself between her husband and younger sister and seemingly tries to calm them down, while the security guard retrieves the sisters' handbags from the floor.

As Beyonce and the guard exit the lift at the ground floor, Solange again swings at Jay-Z with her metallic handbag before being escorted out.

It's not yet known what caused the confrontation - we'll let you know if and when the family issues a statement.

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