"OMG, you aren't turning into one of those mothers are you?"

Are you one of those parents?

Why is it once previously interesting women have a baby, it seems that’s all they can talk about on social media?

While once we heard witty anecdotes of their busy life and intriguing tales of places travelled and experiences experienced, we now hear of due dates and kicks and cures for morning sickness.

Tammin Sursock's Instagram has been slammed for posting too many baby pics.

While we once debated Booker winners and the pros and cons of the paleo diet (winning out on the cons every time), we now just hear about sleepless nights and debate whether to go up a nappy size or change brands.

Why is it that once you have children you get so damn focused on the things, leaving those uninterested in kids with just memories of late night exchanges about the Top-20 all time great Spice Girls songs?

It’s true that us parents turn our social media selves into shrines for our kidlets.

And you know what -  we do it with pride.

I say this in the wake of a recent social media post by Tammin Sursock who was forced to slap down her followers for making vicious threats towards her daughter.

One particularly awful comment, "OMG your instagram is all about your daughter I hope she dies,” saw Sursock fight back writing:

“Enough is enough I don’t care what you say about me that’s negative. Quite frankly I couldn’t give two cents but if you say something crude, violent, cruel about my child not only will I block you I will report you.”

It was reminiscent of social media backlash against Megan Gale a few months ago who was criticised by followers for posting too many photos of her son.

And was repeated in a nasty note we reported on yesterday. A Perth mother received the spiteful, anonymous note posted by a group of so-called friends who bullied the new mother over her repeated posts on social media about her daughter.

You can read more on that anonymous note here.

We’ve all heard it. We’ve all read the comments when a friend announces she is pregnant, or heard the backhanded snipe in the office.

“Don’t be one of those mothers will you? The type who only talk about their child.”

Some of us might have even thought it about ourselves.

Those mothers so obsessed with their newborn baby they post updates about his sleeping and feeding.

Those mothers who Instagram his little footprints and his tiny hands wrapped around his first ever teddy bear.


Those mothers who bore you witless when you ring for a chat with endless details of their daughter’s exploding nappy or the crazy itchy sensation their bursting pregnant belly is giving them.

Oh why can’t they just go back to discussing Kim Kardashian’s butt or how many partridge feathers they plucked from the organic bird they basted on Saturday night? Oh, the days of discussing just how cute that bearded barista is at the local farmer's market.

Megan Gale too was trolled by followers for her constant baby pics.

The funny thing about having a baby is that your life shrinks. Your whole self becomes focused upon this tiny being you brought into the world.

For the first few months at least it is often quite difficult to talk about anything else – and despite the fact you swear you won’t be like that – you actually don’t really WANT to talk about much else.

Suddenly those Intagram pics of organic goats milk pancakes and quinoa balls don’t seem quite so enticing. Suddenly your urge to post the number on your pedometer or the froth on your latte fade into oblivion.

I mean sure there once may have been a time when we had all night to rate the best quotes from Tarantino films but these days life is a little more complicated and nights are a little bit more about how much sleep you can squeeze in between feeds.

Having a baby IS a big deal, no wonder it dominates our social media.

For those who feel that mothers in particular overshare every little turn during pregnancy, childbirth and newborn blissdom then there is a simple answer – don’t read it.

To the friends of the Perth mother Jade who sent her a nasty letter, to the Instagram followers of Tammin Sursock, to those who bitch and snipe I say this:

Log off. De-friend us. Don’t follow celebrities with kids. Sure we don’t have to bore you with every single teeny tiny detail but guess what you don’t have to listen.

Do you find it annoying when friends post every single detail of their pregnancy and baby on social media?

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