Do not try this at home: Snooki's daughter was conceived in a car driven by her husband.

Road safety 101: Don’t have sex while driving.

There’s really nothing quite like the open road. If you’re lucky enough to drive a convertible, you get to enjoy the wind in your hair. Maybe you’re driving to the beach or heading off on a road trip with your family. But while some people think that driving with kids is a special form of torture, others know that there’s nothing like cruising down the highway to make a baby.

Former reality television star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi turned author has revealed that her second child, daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle was conceived while her husband was driving.

The 27-year-old mother of two, who has been married to husband Jionni LaValle since November, made the frank admission during The Wendy William’s Show‘s hot seat segment.

Snooki with her husband Jionni, son Lorenzo and daughter Giovanna.

But when host Wendy Williams asked Snooki where the craziest place she ever had sex was, we’re guessing Williams wasn’t expecting Snooki’s candid response.

“Me and Jionni went out on a date in Hoboken and we were driving back and we started hooking up while he was driving,” Snooki said. “And, you know, we started hooking up while he was driving. And I just climbed on top of him while he’s driving on the highway.”

“And then, yeah. My period didn’t come and I got pregnant.”

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Video via Fox

Now look, car sex itself is quite common. For those who enjoy a nice steering wheel in their back while attempting positions that even the most flexible of Yogis would struggle with, we imagine it might even be quite enjoyable.

But their are risks involved. Like any form of public sex, the chances of getting caught are high. But while most people join the mile highway club (a glorious term coined by the New York Post) while the windows fog up in a deserted car park, the stakes are much higher when you’re, you know, driving the actual car.

A US survey revealed in 2013 that 11% of drivers have attempted to have sex whilst driving, while a study from the University of South Dakota found that 81% of college-aged men had given or received oral sex whilst driving.

We know that drowsy drivers die. But horny drivers have a lot to answer for to, with a Men’s Health report finding that when it comes to the mile highway club, 38% of drivers exceed the speed limit, 36% drift into another lane and 11% end up letting go of the steering wheel.

So if you’re going to try to get to that special place while driving, there is likely to be consequences. And when you have your eyes on the road, there’s only one gear stick you should be concentrating on.

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Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?