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Everyone has tips and tricks when it comes to smart solutions for your home. And for the past month Mamamia has made it out goal to scour the internet, listen in on stranger’s conversations, and get tips from our readers about the best smart solutions out there.

And if you are anything like the Mamamia Team, you probably picked up on a few new ideas. (We certainly did. Keeping hair ties together with a bull clip? Using a straightening iron as a regular iron? Genius.)

From how to remove the stem of a strawberry with a straw, to how to stop ice blocks dripping over your kids arms, there has been a lot to learn from these videos and gallery wrap-ups. Our favourites?

How to make mess free pancakes. How did we get by in life before we knew this?!

How to make homemade icepacks for accidents after Saturday morning sports. 

A clever way to store sunglasses, for the woman who has 100 cheapie pairs. 

And how to stop kids fighting over the tomato sauce. 

If you’re in need of a few more smart solutions, click through the gallery below for our ‘best of’.

What were your favourite smart solutions from the series?Any final smart solutions to share?