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Slate blogger argues for the true definition of the word ‘slut’ to be used by women, saying they should not be sidetracked by red herring conservatives focusing the debate on contraception vs promiscuity.

Slut used to be (and in many cases still is) a derogatory term for a woman who sleeps around. When sex-positive feminists began reclaiming that term, they embraced its definition but rejected its negative connotation. The message of this reclamation was that the number of sexual partners a woman has and the kinds of sex acts she consents to have absolutely no bearing on her worth or respectability as a human being. In particular, the reclamation of slut was meant to fight the notion that a promiscuous woman couldn’t be raped.” Interesting reading. What do you think?

Here’s what else is making buzz:

1. If you missed it yesterday, mining magnate and multi-billionaire Clive Palmer announced he will run for Federal Politics against Treasurer Wayne Swane in Queensland. Somewhat incongruously, he also announced he would build the Titanic II replica for his luxury cruise line (which doesn’t yet exist). Definitely sure there is no symbolism to be found in there. Definitely.

The boat will be built in China, not Ireland, and will apparently set sail in 2016 with all the modern technology that should help it avoid any troubles. But Clive Palmer helpfully pointed out: “Of course it will sink if you put a hole in it.”

2. Remember all those rumours Beyonce wasn’t really pregnant? Well, she told People Magazine they were ‘just crazy’. But she made no mention of how authentic the moon landing was, so feel free to keep on about that.

3. We’re digging this gallery of celebs without make-up. Just because.

4. A Californian man is suing BMW because he claims the motorcycle seat on his road bike left him with a long-lasting erection which has made him impotent. He blames a certain ridge on the seat. He is suing for damages, including medical costs.

5. The ABC has ‘unreservedly’ apologised to the first husband of Ita Buttrose, Alasdair Macdonald, whom it portrayed as fleeing the relationship and their young daughter while Ita was pregnant with their second child on its hit docu-drama Paper Giants. “In marriage, the worst thing a husband can be accused of is deserting his wife while she is pregnant, and in my case, deserting my wife and young daughter at that time, especially if it is not true,” Mr Macdonald said. The two parties settled for an unknown sum out of court.

6. Oh, and if you love The Voice as much as we do we’ve asked Em Rusciano to be our official correspondent. Go here for all the action.

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