Big Brother's Skye no longer wants her body part to be called 'pancake'.

So, she’s heading to Thailand.

Former Big Brother housemate Skye Wheatley has exclusively told Daily Mail Australia that she is travelling to Thailand at the end of this month.

To get a boob job.

The 20-year-old barista plans to go from an A cup to a double D saying she’s ‘felt deflated for years’ because her right breast is two sizes smaller than her C-cup left.

She told the Daily Mail, “They’re completely deformed. If I can fix them, why not?”

Skye showing off her assets. (Image via Facebook)

"I'm a perfectionist," she added. "I know people will think I'm fake, but if I can fix it, heck, why not? Boyfriends have called me 'pancake' in the past and comments like that stick. As long as I remain real inside, that's what counts."

The third runner up on last season's Big Brother will fly to Bangkok courtesy of Australia-wide medical travel agency Medi Makeovers.

Skye has reportedly been 'besieged with calls from marketing companies and publicity reps, asking her to endorse products on social media, including everything from bikinis to underwear - offers she feels she can't take full advantage of until after surgery'.

Skye in the house (Image via Channel 9)

"I need to look symmetrical now," she says. "Do you know how much effort I have to go to cover up the difference in size? I have to wear smaller bras to fit the left one, but then the right one gapes. It's been the bane of my life for years."

But she added that she doesn't want to give young girls the impression that it's ok to go under the knife on a whim.

"I've been teased for my shape since I was young and I want to feel better about myself and comfortable in my skin. I've done my research and the hospital is modern and clean and the surgeons are among the best in the world."

After her surgery Skye plans to take professional singing lessons to forge a career in music.

To see more of Skye pre-surgery CLICK THROUGH the gallery.

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