We're sorry, but there are 6 common skincare routine 'rules' that are total BS.

If you're a lass with a face, you'll know just how noisy the beauty world can be. Scary, in fact. My god. There are so many 'rules'. So many claims. So many dos and definite don'ts. It can be... bloody exhausting. 

And while there are some marvellous pointers out there that make perfect sense (like applying SPF every day, not slapping seventeen acids on your face at once, etc), others aren't quite as legit. 

We're talking about the kind of outdated beliefs that come from the stinky pits of Google. The kind of stuff you've just been doing for years because someone called Rachel was yelling about it on a blog one time.

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So, you know what we're going to do?

We've rounded up some of the skincare 'rules' that are actually total ✨bulls**t✨ - and you should definitely stop following them RTFN.

1. You need to cleanse your face every morning.

Do you need to cleanse your face in the morning? Nah. You don't. In fact, most dermatologists will tell you that not using a cleanser in the morning can actually be a very good thing for your skin - especially if you're one of the poor lambs who suffer from dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

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In most cases, washing your face with lukewarm water and a soft cloth (or just your hands) is enough to wash away any product from the night before. 

However, it's important to note that if you suffer from oily or acne-prone skin, using a gentle cleanser twice a day is probably best for your skin.

2. You should scrub your skin daily.

Scrubbing a whole layer of skin off your face every single day? 

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Over-exfoliating and scrubbing your skin might make you feel smooth and clean, but you can end up breaking down your skin’s barrier system and stripping the skin of its oils. This can cause irritation, sensitivity and weird, shiny, thin skin - it can even flare-up rosacea or acne.


If you're going to exfoliate your skin (most skin experts believe physical exfoliants are completely unnecessary), keep it to one to two times a week max. Kay?

3. Don't use face oils because they'll make you breakout.

We get it. Adding more oil to already oily skin seems like a pretty freakin' whacky thing to do - but sit down and hear us out. 

Because using the right oils - specifically, non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) - can actually help regulate oil production and balance your skin. Yes! Really! 

This is because face oils instantly boost moisture - which is essential, as oily skin is often dehydrated. And when your skin is dehydrated, it tends to over-produce oil (or sebum) to compensate for the lack of moisture. 

Meaning? Clogged pores. And lotsa glorious breakouts.

So, yeah - oily skin CAN benefit from face oils. And we won't hear another bad word about it.

4. Dry your skin before applying serums and moisturisers.

While you'll probably hear/read that we should apply most skincare products to clean, dry skin on your face, the best practice is to actually apply your serums when your skin is damp.

Why? Well, a skin expert once explained it to me as the 'sponge technique'. You can't hope to clean a kitchen bench with a dry sponge, you have to dampen it first so things can absorb, right? 

The same goes for your skin.

When your skin is damp, it's better able to absorb all the active ingredients in your skincare products. If you need a little bit of moisture, simply spritz your face with a mist before reaching for your serums and stuff.

5. Oily skin doesn't need to be moisturised.

Ha ha ha! Nice one. Of course it does, you silly squid. All skin needs moisture - even oily types.

As we mentioned before, oily skin can also get dehydrated (it's not just a dry skin kinda thing), so applying moisturiser on the reg and gently giving your skin a nudge of hydration will only keep your face healthy and happy.


If you skimp on moisturiser, your skin can end up really freaking out and spiralling into something called a 'dry skin cycle'. 

This is where dead skin cells build up on the surface, meaning any products you're using will pretty much just sit on top of your skin and... not do anything. What a freakin' waste!

6. The right products can shrink your pores.

This fluffy little marketing fib has been slinking its way around for decades - and we've just about had enough of it. Cause the truth is - it's not actually possible to make your pores smaller, you guys.

While many of us have been led to believe that the correct products will shrink your pores, the fact is that you can't genetically change the size of your pores - no matter how many serums and creams you use. 

How very awkward.

What you can do, however, is to minimise the appearance of your pores by keeping them clear of blockages and stimulating collagen in the dermal tissue. 

Ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) are the bomb are cleaning out pores, while vitamin A-based products will help encourage your skin's collagen production.

As always, if you're ever confused about what you should be doing for your skin, it's best to hit up a dermatologist or skin expert. They'll be able to give you some professional advice on how to tackle your individual skin concerns.

Did you follow any of the above skincare 'rules'? What are your thoughts? Share 'em with us the comment section below. Go on, we won't bite.

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