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I'm single. But I've already planned my wedding

Remember Muriel?

I haven’t planned it, planned it. But okay yes, I admit it – I do have the Tiffany & Co Ring Finder app on my iPhone. Please do not judge me.

It’s just that sometimes, if I’m waiting in a queue or have a few spare hours minutes up my sleeve, I like to play a little game called ‘what would my engagement ring look like?’

It’s not so much a game as it is a three-step process that goes something like this: white gold, round cut, 2.5 carat. Classic.

And yes, once or twice I might have ventured into the store to have a little look-see at what my ring looks like in real life. But in my defence, I just happened to be there buying a friend’s birthday present. (They sell iPods at Tiffany’s, right?)

Moving on.

Have I mentioned I’m single? Yup. No fiance. No boyfriend. Not even a crush. And definitely no justification for the wedding planning that regularly takes hold of my brain every time I read a magazine or visit a florist.

Anyway, apparently there’s a”new trend” of women in the US – and most likely the world too – who are planning their weddings (and buying their wedding dresses) before they’re even secured a partner. Have a look:

Wait. Hold the phone – and my blue garter. THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION. Or is it?

Here’s what Jezebel had to say about the so-called new trend:

According to GMA, some ladeez have a leg up on the rest of us by planning their weddings before they even have fiancés. And not just in their imaginations. These women are lining up caterers, picking out stationery and buying dresses (though one example was a woman whose dress had belonged to her grandmother so does it really count?). Sure, it’s a little bananas to put the cart so far before the horse, but has GMA ever heard of a hope chest before?

Okay, so this is not a new concept, just a couple of extreme cases of what I like to call being a woman.

Don’t we remember Muriel’s Wedding? Poor Muriel. She was so desperate to live out her dream wedding she married the hot swimmer dude who loved only her status as an Australian citizen.

But there’s a little bit of Muriel is all of us, isn’t there? Maybe not the sitting in your room in a cheap taffeta wedding dress and singing Dancing Queen part, but didn’t you ever prance around the house in a veil (read: pillow case) on your head as a 5 year old? Walk Barbie and Ken down the aisle? Ever flipped through the wedding pages of the Sunday papers and scoffed: “oh honey, not those shoes with that dress?”

I know I have.

And just for a bit of fun, here is a gallery of some bridesmaids dresses to remember…..

Time to fess up – did you always have an idea of what you wanted for your wedding?

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