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It's confession time. Did you have all of this planned?

Have you picked your dress?



Have you ever found yourself wandering onto wedding dress websites to… just, you know… check out the offerings?

Maybe Vera Wang released her latest collection and you couldn’t help just having a scroll through the dresses? Maybe you checked out the clearance dresses on Lisa Ho’s website once she announced her closing down sale?

Maybe… just maybe… you’ve actually picked out your wedding dress already? Nothing extreme, of course. You just know that you want an Alex Perry custom-designed gown with a fishtail skirt. And a sweetheart neckline. And beading across the bodice. And no veil.

If so? Never fear – you’re not alone. Not even slightly alone. According to a new survey out of the UK, 11 per cent of women – that’s about one in 10 – have already picked out their wedding dresses.

And that’s SINGLE women. So… no wedding on the horizon. Not even a proposal.

It gets more interesting from there. 37% of those women have already gone ahead and purchased their gowns. Keeping in mind that there is no significant other – they’ve just gone ahead and picked something that they like.

It doesn’t even end there. We all know that there are plenty of other aspects to a wedding – bridesmaids, a venue, a menu being just some of them – and it seems as though a bunch of British ladies have been busy planning that as well.

This from the Daily Mail:


59 per cent have already planned other elements of their big day, such as make-up, bridesmaids and a venue, despite not having any immediate plans to marry.

And only 41 per cent of respondents who had planned elements of their wedding day admitted that they had told a prospective partner about their plans, whilst 36 per cent claimed that their wedding plans had scared members of the opposite sex in the past.

So. It’s confession time.

MM Editorial Assistant Rosie has always wanted long sleeves. Just like Muriel.

Are you single? If so, how much of your (potential) future wedding have you planned out? Have you not even thought about it, or do you have every last detail planned, down to the swan-shaped napkins next to the engraved cutlery on the round tables under the marquee outside that lovely winery in country Tasmania?

If you are already married – how much of your wedding had you planned out before you met your significant other? And how much of it eventuated?

We asked around the Mamamia team – and there is no not-yet-engaged employee that doesn’t have SOME vague inkling of what they’d like their wedding to look like. MM Editorial Assistant Melissa knows that if she was to ever get married, it would be in a yellow dress. Editor Jam knows that she wants to change her dress for the reception, because she really loves dancing and wants to do it properly.

Resident wedding-lover Nat has a pretty good idea of what she’d like her wedding to look like, because she has nothing better to do with her time on long commutes than plan her someday nuptials. She wants a Vera dress and a lot of fairy lights to be involved. And the other Mamamia girls also have ideas about venues and associated decorations.

There are no Muriel-inspired scrapbooks floating around the office – but no one is ruling out an inspiration Pinterest just yet…

How much of your wedding have you planned/did you plan?