Looking for the perfect silicone-free shampoo? This is it.

Nicky showing off her so-shiny-it-could-be-in-a-commercial hair.


There’s a new player in the hair market that’s making waves (pun intended) for women with fine, lifeless and lacklustre hair.

The new Pantene Ice Shine collection features a silicone-free shampoo that is also free from dyes and parabens, and a conditioner and daily rinse off treatment with no added dye and parabens.

If you regularly overdo it with the hairdryer or straightener (or let’s face it, both) or perpetually suffer from split ends, herein lies your salvation: Pantene’s Ice Shine collection.

 Just as an FYI, you should know that this is an advertorial for Pantene. 

For anyone who’s not familiar with ‘silicone-free shampoo,’ (ones with no added silicone), one of the major benefits is that it cleanses dirt and removes product build-up. Shampoos containing silicones are not water soluble, meaning every time you wash your hair you are only adding to build-up, rather than getting rid of it.

Pantene Ice Shine

Pantene’s Ice Shine shampoo is a hydrating lightweight formula that leaves no residue, removes build-up and is gentle enough to use everyday.

The conditioner in the new range provides intensive nourishment, has no added dyes or parabens; rinses away quickly, nourishes and protects while leaving virtually no weight – obviously leaving you free to perfect your hair flicking technique.

Unlike other leave-in conditioning treatments, Pantene Ice Shine’s daily treatment is a wash out formula that you apply to damp hair directly after conditioner. It’s designed to deeply nourish, strengthen and repair the look and feel of your hair.

We’re not the only ones who are converted; former Mamamia beauty guru Zoe Foster Blake has given it her two thumbs up.

“I feel like this was made specifically for me (thanks guys, that was very thoughtful of you) because I have fine hair that is coloured, heat- styled daily, and heaving with product,” says Zoe.

Given the number one beauty goal of women the world over (aside from staying forever young) is getting hair worthy of starring in a shiny hair commercial, Pantene’s Ice Shine collection helps transform dry, brittle hair into silky, shiny goddess-like hair.

Give it a go, I have.

The Rinse-Off treatment is easy to use and nourishes your hair.

But wait, there’s more: 7 (easy) ways to get shiny, healthy hair from Mamamia’s beauty team.

1. Avoid applying your styling products too close to your scalp and at your hairline, this will only make your hair look greasy.
2. Don’t tie your hair back tightly when it’s wet, doing this long-term will mess with the elasticity and cause it to snap.
3. Cross your heart and promise to always use a heat protectant product when straightening your hair.
4. For the curly-haired among us, it’s best to separate your curls with your fingers post-shower rather than brushing or combing when it’s wet.
5. To prevent dry, brittle hair use a conditioning treatment like Pantene’s Ice Shine’s Daily Rinse Off Treatment.
6. Add some iron-rich foods to your diet. If your diet is lacking it could be one of the reasons you have limp hair.
7. Leave it to dry naturally as often as you can, blow-drying too much will cause your hair to become frizzy and damaged.

P&G introduces Pantene Ice Shine, Pantene’s new silicone*, dye and paraben-free collection that protects against damage to give you a healthy, natural looking shine with zero weight and zero residue.

Designed to care for hair that feels weighed down, looks lifeless and lacks shine the Pantene Ice Shine collection works to smooth the hair’s cuticle providing intensive nourishment and allowing hair to shine from within;

Pantene Ice Shine shampoo – with no added silicone – cleanses oil and dirt residue gently, whilst the conditioner – with no added dye or paraben – leaves hair conditioned and rinses away quickly.

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*shampoo only

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