The disturbing side effect of dry shampoo no one tells you about.

Dry shampoo is one of those essential beauty items that many of us simply can’t be without. Like many women, it’s my ‘desert island’ beauty product of choice.

But now some are claiming that dry shampoo could actually be doing your hair and scalp more harm than good. We know, it’s devastating.

Celebrity hair stylist Banjamin Mohapi claims that overusing dry shampoo can lead to a build up on the scalp which can result in blocked pores, pimples and painful cysts. And it doesn’t end there.

Once the scalp is suffering from a build up of dry shampoo (we have to admit, there have been times we’ve used it three days in a row), the hair itself begins to become affected and hair growth is significantly impaired.

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Natalie Hybner, a senior stylist at a top Sydney salon revealed that it’s how you use your shampoo that will determine the damage done to your scalp:

“Dry shampoo has taken off in a big way and it is a great product but like anything, it’s how you use it that matters. If you use a dry shampoo daily then I would recommend getting yourself some clarifying shampoo. You can use it each wash if you want to but even using it once a week should help you get rid of any build up that you might experience.”


Benjamin told Marie Claire that people who suffer from dandruff may find their condition worsens with the use of dry shampoo as the scalp is already depleted of natural oils (and the dry shampoo acts to soak up any moisture in the hair).

So do we need to bin the dry shampoo?

Image sourced via iStock
To bin or not to bin. Image via iStock.

“If you don’t wash your hair daily, just limit the amount of dry shampoo you use. Freshly cleansed hair doesn’t need a lot of product to get the desired affect. Just a quick spray will do,” says Natalie.

If you’re a fan of dry shampoo (like every other woman I know) and you think it might be messing with your scalp, there’s no need to have ‘the talk’ with your can of magic mist just yet. Instead, just get yourself some good clarifying shampoo to remove any excess product build up and spray on happily.