"This product is basically perfect brows in a can"

Eyebrows – they’re the hardest place on your face to get right. If you use a pencil, you either have to turn into an impressionist painter, using a million tiny brush-strokes to fill in a bigger picture, or else risk looking like your brows were drawn on with magic marker.

Using a powder is even more annoying if, like me, you’re a bit bad with a brush.

Unfortunately, in addition to being the most difficult thing to get right in your daily routine, for pale-haired girls, painting them on is kind of essential. Great brows frame your face, they provide definition and can do more to lift the way you look than pretty much anything else. When someone has excellent brows, you won’t always notice that their brows are excellent, you’ll just notice that they look excellent.

Enter Shu Uemura’s Brow Manicure – my cheat code to bad-ass brows. It’s basically a mascara for your eyebrows, but instead of a long, lean head it has a little conker-ball applicator that means none of the magic, brow-thickening fluid goes anywhere except exactly where it’s supposed to. One side of the brush has long fibres, which give your brows a minimal, natural coat of the product, while the other side has short fibres, that let you really slap it on thick.

All other methods of filling your brows in involve drawing on extra hairs, but this works by filling out, thickening and darkening the hairs you already have. That means it works fast – I can do my brows in under 20 seconds when I’m in a massive rush. All you have to do is sweep the wand over your natural brows once, gently, and you’re good to go.

It comes in all sorts of colours, but the colour I love is Ash Brown. It’s just a little bit darker than my natural colour, so the result is thickened brows that don’t look weird with the rest of my face.

Do you have an eyebrow product you swear by? Tell us about it!