Group Therapy: When is it time to kill off the Easter Bunny?


“Do I really still have to tell my children there’s a giant, magical rabbit creeping around our house? Seriously?”

I’m wondering how long I have to keep up this Easter Bunny caper. I know, I know… pretending there is an Easter Bunny is part of the magic of childhood and a good mother would keep it up as long as possible to the point where she works hard to convince her children the Easter Bunny IS real (eye twitching with madness the entire time).

Here’s the thing, I’m sick of lying to them. It’s cute when they’re little, but they trust me to tell them the truth.


Yes there’s a Santa, yes there’s a tooth fairy, yes there’s an Easter Bunny. I mean, come on.

Yes little fella, I have you in my sights, you furry little pest.

Can’t Easter be just as magical without the existence of a giant, mythical rabbit who creeps all over our backyard hiding chocolate eggs? If I was a child, I’d be scared to death at that thought.

Can’t Easter be just as enjoyable without me having to wake up at 4am to hide eggs? Yes, 4am. I hid them the night before one year and ants, aggressive little black ants, ate half of the eggs before we could find them!

Isn’t it fun enough to hide chocolate eggs for my children and let them eat them for breakfast?

Am I wrong?

I maintain that as their mother I have a right to kill off the Easter Bunny whenever I see fit. To suggest that I’m killing children’s hopes and dreams along with it is ridiculous.

“I maintain that as their mother I have a right to kill off the Easter Bunny whenever I see fit.”

Philip is nine and he cross-examined me for weeks leading up to last Christmas. I cracked, I’m sorry. I told him about Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny. He’s been helping me hide eggs ever since.

“Was there ever an Easter Bunny, mum?” Philip asked last year as we scattered little eggs all over our front yard?

“I don’t know Philip, I like to think so.”

“Me too, mum.”

See, I’m not a total monster.

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At what age do you think it’s time to kill off the Easter Bunny?