Are you and all your friends on this list?

Is being involved in the P and C really scary? In one word – Yes. Is it worth getting involved in the P and C?  In one word – Yes

I remember the first time I walked into a P and C meeting.  I was too scared to say anything in case I said something wrong or politically incorrect.  Let me explain why it is easy to be intimidated. The P and C consist of several distinct personality types.  See if you can recongise any of these types:

The Over-Achiever

This mum has usually had a very stressful and important career prior to having kids.  She is used to running the show, delegating and preparing spreadsheets and minutes. She forgets that the people she is working with are not actually employees but other mums.  She loves to email you at 11pm and then call you first thing in the morning asking if they have read her email.  Recognition, glory and recapturing that sense of being in charge is why she works so hard on the P and C. Some people say that she keeps having more children so she can be involved in the school for a long period of time. They have every piece of equipment to be organised (including an A4 and A3 laminator). Disclosure note – I may at one stage been one of these mums.

The Leave-It-With-Me Mum

The mum who puts her hand up for everything. She is at every event, her name appears in every newsletter and she is the first point of contact for everything. This mum basically lives at the school. She is best friends with everyone.   She loves the notoriety. However she complains consistently about how much work she puts into the school and how her husband has begged her to slow down.

The Volunteer Mum

The mum who you can always rely on. She is not in it for the glory. She will always be the first to give you assistance.  When you send out a note requesting volunteers, she is always the first to reply and never complains.

The I’ll-Do-It Mum

A person who says they will do something, but then never gets around to doing it.  However they think they should be applauded

for being involved.

The Glamazon

Always beautifully dressed.  She does not sweat, she glows.  Her house is stunning and nibbles are always beautifully prepared (no tim tams and instant coffee here).   This can go two ways. Either the Glamazon is one of the nicest people you will ever meet or she will eat you for breakfast.


The P and C Dad

The lone guy who turns up at the meeting, does not say much and would never be involved in planning a fundraiser.

These types of mums really show their true colours when it comes to organizing a school fundraiser or event. The committee meetings are excruciating. They take hours and achieve very little. They go off track and discuss irrelevant details like the best paper to print the thank you certificates on.

Now I admit that all the above sounds terrifying, however being involved in the P and C can be a really rewarding experience.  You just need to know the type of people involved and never ever take anything personally.

My daughter attended a school where we really did not know many people.  Some of the people I met through the P and C are now my best friends. I would not have met these people if I had not been involved (as you tend to really only meet the people in your child’s year).

The truth of the matter is that there are in fact more Volunteering Mums at school than the other categories. All you need to do is bond with the people you like and you will have a great experience.

Being active on the P and C means you really learn about the school and you are informed. You are kept up to date on what is happening and the events that are happening (nothing worse than sending your child to school in full school uniform when it is mufti day).

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child run over and cuddle you and say thanks when you are at school helping with cupcake day or snag sizzle day. So my advice is, get involved.

Do these women sound familiar?  Do you have any personalities to add?

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