22 problems only short girls will understand.

Being short presents its own particular set of problems, the most common of which seems to be people constantly cracking pun-filled jokes at your expense.

Long story short – here’s a list of problems only short girls will understand:

1. ‘High waisted’ pants are more like ‘underarm pants’.

2. Everyone thinks you’re in high school.

3. People love cracking the joke “Sorry – you must be this tall to enjoy this ride LULZ!”


4. The top shelf at the supermarket might as well be Everest.


5. Two words: Bar stools.

6. Everybody knows you as ‘the short one’.

7. If you’re not in the front row at concerts you might as well not go.

8. Always getting a face full of boobs when you hug people.

9. People looking at you and your boyfriend, then saying “how does that work?”

10. It’s practically impossible to take selfies with other people.

11. “Can you even see over the steering wheel hahahaha?!?”

12. Everyone jokingly uses you as an arm rest.

Bit harsh?

13. The shallow end of the pool is your deep end of the pool, and the deep end of the pool is your horrifying abyss.

14. The sun visor in the car does nothing for you.

15. When you use an umbrella it’s like a lethal weapon.

16. All pants need to be taken up. All. Pants.

17. Your feet don’t reach the floor when you sit on a regular chair.

18. Mini-skirts? HA.

19. Kids are taller than you.

20. The pedals in your car might as well be 11 metres away.

21. Hobbit jokes.

22. You totally identified with Liza in this moment:



Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s a list of short celebrities who come in at 5ft 2 and under.

Have you got any to add? 

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