Two-minute hair tutorial for your dirty lob

I’m going to confess something here… I’ve never been good at hair.

Um, ever.

Even when I was a young makeup artist and would say that I could style hair just to get the job. I was really bad. I’d like to use this opportunity to apologise to anyone whose hair I’ve ever touched. I’m sure you had a really hard time getting all those bobby pins out.

Also? I’m sorry that you’re here thinking an expert was going to teach you things, because I’ve blagged my way into “doing hair” again. But on the upside, if I can do the next hairstyle, you can DEFINITELY do this next hairstyle.

Here goes.

Step one: Lift your hair up a la There's Something About Mary and spray a dry shampoo at the roots, I do this purely because my hair is disgusting, feel free to skip this step if your hair is dirty but not four-day dirty.

Step two: Put two bobby pins in your mouth, it seems to help with concentration. Then grab a small section of hair at your temple and twist.

Step three: keep gathering more hair as you twist toward the back of your head.

Step four: hold your twist in place with a couple of bobby pins. I say the more pins here the better. Realise at this point that you should not have stress-picked all your metallic nail polish off before shooting a how-to.

Step five: repeat on the other side and pin. Then gather the middle loose bits of hair and pin up over the top of your roll. Secure with even more bobby pins!

Step six:  Et voila! You're ready for work, a date or some intrigue in King's Landing.

Of course, if you have a lot more time and a really good curling wand, you could make like these women instead.

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