High heels aren't just hard to walk in.

A crime to wear high heels?

Did you know if you have a car accident while you are wearing your High Heels in NSW, you could be considered the ‘at fault’ driver, even if technically you weren’t? I KNOW RIGHT! It sounds like insanity, but here are the facts:

“If an accident was to occur and it was found that the cause of the accident was due to inappropriate or lack of footwear an offence under the Road Rules 2008, Rule 297 – Drive without proper control of vehicle, may be implied by the authorities.

The rule of drive without proper control of vehicle may include the wearers of high heel shoes, stilettos, bare feet and any other footwear if it is found that a driver was to drive without proper control of a vehicle.”

So then, it appears that I really need to reconsider my clogs. I know they didn’t mention clogs per se  but let’s face it, they already commit a crime to fashion, I really shouldn’t be pushing it by potentially committing a real one.

But why do we women wear heels in the first place? I mean, they aren’t comfortable. They aren’t mandatory and they certainly aren’t the inexpensive option. In fact, I’ve got double jointed hips and although this might sound like a total bonus, it’s not all that impressive when they involuntarily click out while wearing 6 inch heels and falling directly on your face in a busy city street.

So remind me again why we love to wear heels?

We wear them because they make our legs look KICK ARSE. That’s why. They are sexy, they give us height and they often give us confidence. Unfortunately they also give us varicose veins and as is evidenced by recent studies, a higher chance of having a god awful accident on the road if we happen to be wearing them when driving.

Studies show  10% of women surveyed admit to having a motor vehicle accident due to their heel getting stuck and leaving them unable to control the pedals in their car. I myself have a stiletto heel sized tear in the carpet on the driver’s side of my car that my high heel gets trapped in from time to time. So why do I drive in them?

I’ll tell you why, because I’m lazy.  I cannot be bothered changing shoes or remembering to take along another pair as I fly out the door of a morning.

But seriously, how hard is it? And with four out of five women – that’s 80% of the female driving population, admitting to wearing inappropriate footwear and putting themselves and other innocent drivers at risk, perhaps it’s time we thought about better choices.

So I am making a conscious effort to wear my flats from now on in. Simple really.

Now excuse me. I have a meeting with some clogs and a dumpster.

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Do you wear heels? Do you ever change your shoes to drive?