Congrats! You have one of the best years of all 12 signs this year. Snake pace is just your style. Look before you leap. Think things through. Go in depth. Logic, not emotion, wins the day. Occasionally you're going to have to work to control your feelings to get the best results. Just remember: Snake is on your side. One word of caution: This is a Water year, and you're a Fire sign. Obviously, Water and Fire do not go together. Even though Snake is with you, this element clash doesn't do you any favors. Not to say you should sit on the sidelines. Play big, but be sure not to take any unnecessary risks.


Career-wise, it's looking like things could really pick up for you this year. Explore new ideas that require mental horsepower. If there's something you want, simply go out and get it. Is your mind itching for knowledge? Sign up for a class. There are no excuses this year. Now is the time for action. And while you probably don't need the encouragement, spruce up your professional wardrobe as well.


There is great potential for this to be an amazing year for you, so shift things into high gear! Be as open as your comfort level will allow. Don't hold back. Be aggressive when it comes to putting yourself in the right situation, then just go with the flow and let things happen. You already have a mysterious way about you that people love. In the Year of the Snake, being a little standoffish and secretive could pique the interest of a fabulous lover. But, dear Sheep, remember you can't do any of this sitting at home! Take action!


Maintaining a healthy diet is extra important for you in Year of the Snake. Eliminate sugar from your diet and add more vegetables and grains. A positive attitude will contribute to better health for you this year. Higher than normal chi levels will help you feel strong enough to take on the world – or at least spend more time exploring it. Nature will be a great contributor to your well-being. Incorporate outdoor activity into your daily routine.


The fruits of your labor are ready to be plucked! Luck is on your side this year, though you may need to look past the usual suspects to take advantage of it. Be prepared to travel if necessary. The rewards will be worth it. Spending money will also bring you satisfaction. A car, a house, a ring? Now is the time to buy something big, really big. Just make sure you use your head, and then 2013 is yours to enjoy.

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