He sends her a naked picture. So she forwards it to his mum.


A 20-year-old woman – let’s call her Sally – joins a US dating site called Let’s Date. She meets a man name Trevor. Trevor and Sally begin to text each other. They get to know each other. Exchange pleasantries, becoming friendly, even a little bit…. cautiously flirty.

One day, they’re talking about the weather (as you do in those early days when politics are a no-go). Trevor asks a question about the rain in Sally’s home location of Long Island and before Sally can write back….

BAM! Trevor sends Sally a photo of his penis.

We’re not quite sure what was going through Trevor’s head (the one on top of his neck, not the…other one) when he decided to send the explicit selfie. One can only assume he liked what he saw in the mirror and thought it was worth sharing with his new friend.

But what we do know is how Sally reacted. Because what Sally did next was rad.

And we know this because Sally decided to publish screenshots of their post-penis-picture conversation to her Tumblr page –  included the part where she told Trevor she was going to send the picture to his mum.

According to Daily Dot, Sally did as she said she would and sent the images to Trevor’s mother. She never heard back again – and we can only assume she never heard from Trevor again either.

Have you ever sent or received a sext?