The most talented sportsman of his generation. But Warnie, what are you doing mate?

Shane Warne wants you to know that he’s topless. And he likes it.

Last night while you were sleeping, Warnie tweeted a sexy selfie to his 1.4 million followers.


Look, it’s an exceptional use of the “thumbs up” emoticon, we’ll give him that. The angle of the shot is genius: taken from above to elongate his torso, with just the right amount of arm in-shot. It’s masterful.

But remember – this is not Shane’s first time posing as a saucy minx, or his first time oversharing on Twitter.

Being one of the most gifted sportsmen of his generation is clearly not enough for Shanie boy. He’s essentially said to himself here: “Finest cricket player of our time? TICK. Scored with a British super-babe? TICK. Time to launch Operation Glistening Adonis.”

From there, we can only assume he stripped down, lacquered himself with a couple of coats of mahogany shade tan, smothered himself in baby oil, found a quiet spot where his children couldn’t see him, and took this shot.

Shane. Buddy. If you need a new profile pic for your Tinder account, you actually have a lot of photos to choose from. Do any of these take your fancy?

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