Fluff: Shane Warne and Liz Hurley nearly almost definitely back together this time. We think.

This Liz Hurley / Shane Warne relationship really is a romance for the ages. As in, it’s taking freaking ages for any of us to know for sure what’s going on with these crazy love-birds.

The 48-year-old British supermodel and 44-year-old cricket legend are so coy about their on-again/off-again love affair, they leave us no choice but to stalk lovingly follow their social media interaction for clues.

The couple have not been physically seen together since November 2013. At that stage, they both un-followed each other on Twitter. It was a harsh time for all of us.

But just yesterday the couple were spotted in London, unloading suitcases and buying groceries together. More importantly, they followed each other on social media platform Twitter again.

And GET THIS: Shane Warne even follows Liz’s pet budgie Ping Pong.

Which basically means it’s love.

Maybe Liz was irresistibly wooed by Shane‘s exceptional selfie skills.

Also – maybe not.

Kate Upton defies gravity in space-themed shoot

If we ever need to colonise Mars, professional bikini-wearer Kate Upton has already had astronaut training.

The 21-year-old model did an entire photo shoot in an anti-gravity space capsule. And the results are a little bit amazing.

Victoria Beckham and the case of the disappearing breast implants

Former Spice Girl turned elegant fashion designer Victoria Beckham has revealed that she did get breast implants in the early 2000s… but she got rid of them years later.

In an interview with Allure magazine, Mrs Beckham confessed that she did get implants, but in 2009 she reverted back to her original size after seeing photos of herself where her breasts were “up around” her “neck” (photographic evidence to your left).

“I don’t have them anymore,” said Beckham.

Then added coyly: “I think I may have purchased them.”

We personally wish she’d made this announcement by re-writing the Spice Girls hit When 2 Become 1 to reflect her breasty journey: “When two become none.”


But, you know, a candid interview with a glossy magazine is fine too. We guess.

Cutest animal in the world savagely attacks Lady Gaga 

We can only assume Gaga was trying to wear this adorable loris as a hat, provoking this sweet, tiny creature to bite her on the finger.

That, or the little guy simply found the repetitive chorus of Lady G’s song “Applause-plause, live for the applause-plause” as annoying as the rest of us and took decisive action.

Whatever the motive, we’re hearing news that a wide-eyed, possum-like creature just like the one featured to the right has attacked the 27-year-old Poker Face singer on the set of her new music video for the single “GUY”.

The slow loris’s Hollywood manager was not available immediately to comment.

Sources say Gaga also flew in a mountain goat and a kangaroo to star in the video, among other exotic beasts yet to be identified. The loris was the only one to misbehave.

In related news, Lady Gaga still exists.

Will Smith does every hip-hop dance move that exists

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor / Gettin’ jiggy with it singer is back doing what he does best: busting a move.

Rumoured Scientologist Will Smith got back to his hip-hop roots with this hilarious dance marathon on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon overnight.

This video is best viewed in ironic overalls.

Michelle Rodriguez is officially in a relationship with Cara “Eyebrows” Delevingne

35-year-old Machete Kills actress Michelle Rodriguez has just confirmed she’s dating catwalk 21-year-old model Cara Delevingne.

The ridiculously attractive duo have been spotted on some pretty sweet dates recently: Sitting in the front row of a basketball game, hitting a boozy jazz club in New York, and rocking out at a Prince concert.

They’ve been doing all the cute new-couple things: making out drunkenly in front of everyone, holding hands, surviving hangovers together. It’s sweet.

Happy for you, famous beautiful people.

Credit where it’s due: gossip site TMZ reported this story with the tacky/punny headline “LESBIhonest, they’re dating”.

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