Celeb News: Family feud in the Warne blended family?

Liz, Shane and the kids.

It all started out so well. As far as blended families go, Shane Warne, his fiance Liz Hurley and his ex-wife Simone Callaghan gave the impression they could make things work.

Liz and Shane are often seen out and about with Liz’s son Damian and Shane’s kids Brooke, Summer and Jackson; a few weeks ago Shane, Liz and Simone were photographed sitting together on the sidelines of a sporting match; and Liz had even made note of the fact that Shane’s kids call her ‘M2’ or ‘Mummy 2’.

But have things changed? Maybe. There’s lots of rumours of “feuds” flying around and while it’s difficult to speculate, there have been some words spoken publicly.

In a recent feature in Women’s Day magazine, Simone Callaghan said a group visit to their 9-year-old daughter’s school was “awkward”.

“Shane and Liz turned up – along with a swag of photographers – but we didn’t speak at the assembly,” she said.

“I can’t control what people say, but it’s just disrespectful as far as I’m concerned. She [Liz] is not their mum. And the kids know exactly what the situation is.”

And Liz Hurley has replied using her personal Facebook page.

“For the record, neither my fiance Shane nor I have ever asked his children to call me anything in particular and have never suggested any nicknames for me,” Hurley writes.

“Shane’s three children started to call me ‘M2’, in an affectionate and light hearted way, over a year ago.

“I find it very upsetting that they have been accused publicly of being ‘disrespectful’ to their mother by doing this. I believe they were making the best of a situation into which they had been thrust, and it pains me that they are being criticised. They are very sweet children and do not deserve this.

“Melding families is never easy and we are all doing the best we can. Shane’s children have been welcoming and inclusive to me and my son and we have a great time when we are together. I try very hard to look after them, and care for them, in the same way that I do my own son when they are with us and I wouldn’t know any other way to be.

“I am writing this to remind spiteful and troublemaking publications that they are hurting four children by publishing such ridiculous remarks about them.”

Of course it’s impossible to know what really goes on in any family situation – there are bound to be some challenges. Author Emma Grey has written about the stepmother of her children and how she settled into the family. You can read that here.

Are you part of a blended family? What’s your story?

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