How do you turn a sexy photoshoot on its head? By doing this.

Well this is a bit different.

These bizarre pictures are from a motorcycle shop, in Portland, Oregon. The shop has decided to shoot a new advertisement to launch the new Ducati 1199 Panigale (which we have been reliably informed is quite a nice motorbike.)

So they did what all good motorbike promoters do: they hired a busty model, took of all of her clothes, and took a few snaps of her seductively posing across the bike.

But the boys who worked at the shop decided that they wanted to have a go, too. So they staged their own sexy photoshoot. And the internet had a good chuckle as the bizarre images went viral.

Take a look at the gallery below…

While we can appreciate the humour of the whole thing, it also makes us feel a bit sad. Because what this really shows is that the sexualisation of women has become so commonplace – it takes something as crazy as this for us to see it.

What do you think of these images? Are they sexy, funny or just plain wrong?