Hey men, don't ads like this piss you off?

This sexist Super Bowl ad treats women as meat and men as meat-heads. Instead of women complaining, it’s time men stand up to being portrayed as idiots.

Seriously? It’s 2015 people.

Obviously this image screams “Buy a burger”

US burger chain Carl’s Jr, decided the best way to promote their new All-Natural Burger was not to highlight that it has no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics, but rather to get a Guess model to walk through a market seemingly naked.

You see, while the model Charlotte McKinney looks completely nude and has her breasts hidden by objects such as melons, yes melons, it’s finally revealed that she’s actually wearing a skimpy bikini. Ta-dah!

Then she says, “I love going All-Natural. It just makes me feel better.”

I see what you did there Mr advertising man. Oh how I laughed.

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Actually no I didn’t. In fact I had to stop myself from throwing a brick through the TV.

So when I saw them discussing it on Kochie’s Angels on Sunrise this morning I was furious it wasn’t my day to be on the panel.

But as it turns out everything happens for a reason…

On the panel was advertising guru Jane Caro and she hit the ad for six with a twist I hadn’t thought about.

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“I thought I’d gone to sleep and woke up in the 1970s.  But what I think is you guys should really get up in arms about this ad because advertisers need to stop treating you like morons, ” she said to Kochie.

“They think you are only motivated by things below the waist.  Really guys, we all know you’re actually as intelligent as women.  Stand up for yourselves.  Don’t stand for the way these burger manufacturers seem to think you are?” she said.

Kochie agreed calling it old fashioned and said he felt dumber for watching it.

But in a nice counter point, Kochie showed his favourite ad that will be shown at the Super Bowl – it’s for Dove Men+Care.

How brilliant that it is breaking male stereotypes.

Jennifer Bremner, director of marketing at Dove Men+Care, told Adweek, the ad stems from research showing 73 percent of men believe they are falsely depicted in advertising.

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“We want to celebrate the multidimensional aspects of masculinity that define what it means to be a man today,” Bremner said.

And boy does it work. Moving, intelligent and compassionate storytelling.

After watching it Kochie said, “I love that one.”

Caro responded: “Because it’s treating you with respect.”

Great point.