NEWS: ADF personnel suspended over emails that denigrate women.


1. Three Australian Defence Force personnel have been suspended following a series of emails that are offensive about women.

Another five personnel and public servants are also being investigated; with more than 90 people linked to the trail of emails in some way.

The Chief of Army, David Morrisson told a press conference in Canberra today that the contents of the emails was not violent to the ‘best of my knowledge’.

Morrisson looked extremely grave as he explained that an investigation was ongoing and described the incident as “worst than the Skype scandal” that was exposed in 2011.

The emails reportedly contained explicit material including photos and text that was derogatory about and degrading to the women who were being targeted. The emails also contained references to illicit substances.

It is understood that several veteran offices, including one as high ranking as Lieutenant Colonel were involved.

General Morrisson confirmed that he had spoken with some of the victims of the offensive emails and that they were deeply hurt by the contents.

Those personnel who have been suspended will now be investigated further by NSW Police and may face further action under the Defence Force Discipline Act.

2. The restaurant owner who hosted the infamous Mal Brough Liberal National Party Fundraiser has come forward to say he created the sexist menu as a joke.


Yesterday, images of a menu, which was apparently presented at a political fundraiser for former Howard government minister Mal Brough were widely shared on social media. Items on the menu included: ‘Julia Gillard Kentucky fried quail: small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box.’

The business owner reportedly contacted the Opposition and admitted to creating the mock menu – but he said it was never distributed to guests. “Unfortunately a staff member saw the mock menu, and unbeknown to me posted it on Facebook,” the businessman wrote.

3. Just hours after his team’s 4-0 win over Jordan, Socceroos coach Holger Osieck has landed himself in hot water after he said women should be quiet when they’re in public. It started when Osieck was told where to sit at a media conference. He responded saying: “You push me around like my wife.” He then made reference to a German saying, which translates to “women should shut up in public”. “I say it to my wife at home,” he said.

fellow passenger who was boasting about cheating on his wife

She posted a picture of the man on Facebook along with a caption that read: “If this is your husband, I have endured a two hour train ride from Philadelphia listening to this loser and his friends brag about their multiple affairs and how their wives are too stupid to catch on. Oh please repost …”

The image has been shared almost 300,000 times. So far, no one’s come forward to claim him.

5. A Brisbane magistrate reportedly told a Saudi Arabian woman appearing in his courtroom and wearing a burqa that “this is an Australian court”. The 27-year-old woman appeared before him the judge because she was accused of leaving her child unattended in a car.


Magistrate John Costello inquired as to whether the burqa was necessary saying, “I can only see the eyes of the defendant”. The woman was given a six-month good behaviour bond.

6. Two window washers have been rescued from the 44th floor of the Hearst building in New York City after the scaffolding they were standing on buckled. Firefighters freed the men by removing windows.

7. The world’s oldest man – Jiroemon Kimura – has died at the age of 116. The Japanese national died of natural causes. He had seven children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grand children and 15 great-great grandchildren.

Chloe McCardel,

28-year-old McCardel expects the swim to take 60 hours. It’s the same swim Susie Maroney attempted back in 1997, although unlike Maroney, McCardel will attempt it without a shark cage.

McCardel told USA SPORTS: ”I won’t be touching the boat. I won’t be touching anyone else, no one’s allowed to touch me. I can’t have any flotation devices and anything that would help me move forward.” If she makes it, she’ll hold the record for the longest solo unassisted ocean swim ever.

9. Accused Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro has pleaded not guilty to 329 counts of rape, kidnapping and murder. Last month, three women – some who had been missing for more than a decade – were found in Castro’s Cleveland home. Castro’s lawyers are hoping to avoid the death penalty.