Please do not click if you prefer having boring, mediocre sex.

This is “sexercise”.

Friends, I have some sexy news for your Friday morning.

There’s a new fitness trend coming our way. It’s called “Sexercise”, and it’s claiming to be “The Hottest Workout Ever!”.

I know, I know. Sexercise is a concept that has been around since humans first decided to roll around underneath some sheets together. Everyone knows that when clothes are removed and things get, um, heated, that there is a certain amount of exercise involved. Especially if you throw some Kama Sutra moves in there.

But some clever personal trainer decided to copyright the name, and invent a workout to go with it. Because normal exercise kind of sucks sometimes, but if you combine exercise with sex, everything becomes instantly more interesting.

32-year-old Jason Rosell is the man behind the brainwave. He’s a New York celebrity personal trainer that trains the likes of Snooki and Drew Carey. He came up with the 32-minute workout, which combines a whole lot of cardio-based exercises, such as squats and lunges.

Mind you – sexercise doesn’t technically involve any actual sex. It’s simply a workout to increase your performance in the bedroom.

Rosell told the New York Daily News that sexercise will let you go for longer, as you’ll be fitter and won’t tire so quickly: “Most people get tired within the first four to eight minutes of intercourse if they don’t have any workout regimen.”

Apparently it’ll also help women get into some more pleasurable positions. According to the Daily News, here are the key moves which will help spice up your sexy time, some of which can even be performed with a partner:

Caliente Squats: Stand with your knees apart and slightly bent. Bring your hips forward while tightening your abs and glutes and bend your knees so your thighs are parallel to the floor. This strengthens thrusting muscles in the lower back and abs.

Leg Scissors: Wrap your legs around your partner, lift body off the floor by thrusting upwards while tightening your abs, glutes and hamstrings at the same time.

The Booty Pop: Get on all fours. Pull your knees toward your chest and alternate them with the opposite arm for core and pelvic strengthening.

Ab Twist: Grip your hands together and lift each leg up one at a time while twisting your torso in the opposite direction.

Incidentally, Rosell is also a musician, because why just be a boring old personal trainer when you can also be a Latino dancing superstar? He’s released a bunch of songs and music videos before, and has now made a music video and a teaser trailer for Sexercise.

You can watch the trailer below, but maybe save it for the weekend if you’re at work – it involves a few mostly naked people and the words “in, out, in, out, in out”. Because SEX, you guys.

Honestly? Sexercise sounds like a good workout, and a very decent way to mix up not only your regular workout routine, but also your regular between-the-sheets routine. If you want to get fitter and enjoy some new positions while you’re at it, this could potentially be a great place to begin – without having to try to decipher some of those more complex but classic Kama Sutra moves.

Plus, according to Men’s Health, women burn an average of 69 calories per average sex session (about 25 minutes). Add a few more moves and a few more minutes, and you could be burning over a hundred – much more enjoyable than an hour on the treadmill.

Check out Rosell’s website here for more info.

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