SEX DIARIES: 'I'd only known him 15 minutes. It was the best sex of my life.'

The night I slept with a total stranger actually began with another guy and some serious public indecency.  

I’d met Adam a week earlier, and we’d been sending flirty texts ever since. By the time we caught up at the beach club that night, I couldn’t wait to kiss him. 

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Inviting him outside to 'get some air', we wandered towards the water and sat down on the grass. I stretched my legs out and turned to face him. Suddenly his full lips were on mine. 

As his tongue explored my mouth, his hands moved down my body. They squeezed every curve and grabbed my arse. My heart raced and all the blood ran south. 

Without caring if anyone saw us, I climbed onto his lap. Stradling him, I noticed for the first time how hard he’d become. He stiffened between us and his jeans tightened.

I couldn’t help myself now. 

As my hand made its way into his pants, I gasped in excitement, grabbing hold of his huge, thick c**k. I’d never seen one so big before. Pulling it out, I hovered above him, teasing him with the wet lips of my vagina. 

At that moment, there was nothing in the world I wanted more than him inside me. 

"Hey," my best friend’s voice suddenly bellowed across the park, "we’re leaving now!"

I sat up, squinting at a four-wheel-drive I didn’t recognise. But there was Karis, hanging out the front window and laughing.

"Come on," she yelled again, waving me over, "I got us a ride."  


Looking down at Adam, I kissed him once more – deep and hard. I absolutely had every intention of picking this back up another time. 

Grabbing my bag, I ran across the grass. As I reached the 4x4, the back door swung open for me and I climbed in. On the other side of the seat sat a guy with sandy blonde dreadlocks and a deep tan. 

"Hey," he smiled at me. 

Cute. Very, very cute, I thought.

Turning around in the front passenger seat, Karis looked back at me giggling. 

"That’s Scott, and this is Daniel," she said, pointing to the driver who gave her a wink. 

"I met them at the club. They’ve invited us back to theirs for drinks."

I laughed. This was so like us. Always getting up to no good. 

With that, Daniel pulled out of the carpark and headed down the coast. As Karis flicked the radio on, I wound down my window. The air ripped through my hair and I buzzed with excitement. 

I couldn’t help but wonder where this night was going to end up.

Very soon we pulled up outside a house near the beach. I could hear the waves crash as we walked up the driveway. 

Following the boys inside, Karis and I sat down on the couch. Kicking our heels off, we looked at each other in anticipation.

On the other side of the room, Scott dropped into an armchair. But Daniel walked towards Karis. Standing in front of her with his hand out, he pulled her up. Then they disappeared down the corridor. 

Now it was just me and Scott. The previously mentioned drinks all forgotten about. 

He sat back in the armchair. Thick, bulging biceps poked out of his white t-shirt. He looked across the room at me with a raised eyebrow. 

"Do you wanna?" 

I bit my lip hard. 

"Sure," I smiled. Why the hell not? 

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Standing up, Scott gestured towards a door to his right. I walked into the room, finding just a single bed. 

From behind, his hands wound around my waist as his mouth met my neck. Kissing my skin, he slowly unzipped the back of my dress. Letting it fall to the floor, I stepped over it and into his bed. 

Looking up at him, Scott used one hand to tug his t-shirt off over his head. Laying down beside me, he pulled me into his bare chest. My hands moved over his arms as he kissed me, his mouth tearing into my mine. 

Without any more words, he pushed his shorts off and unclipped my bra. Cupping my boobs in his palms, he bit down on my nipples, sending waves of pleasure through me. 

It was the most unusual, sensual experience. We’d literally just kissed for the first time while naked in bed together. I ran my fingers down his dreadlocks, taking in how completely different he was from my usual type. 

But the thrill of this stranger’s unfamiliar body excited me like never before.

Pressing his fingers into me, I arched my back and grabbed the sheets underneath my body. He circled my clit then dipped back inside, adding an extra digit.  

Rolling on top of me, he slipped a condom on, before pushing himself in between my legs. Unable to control myself any longer, a loud moan escaped, shattering the silence. 

Pulling my legs up onto his shoulders, he drove into me, faster and harder with each thrust. His own growls grew stronger, and I could feel him getting close. 

Moving out from underneath him, I flipped over onto all fours. Pushing my butt backwards, I felt him slip in. Again, he began to ramp up the pace, getting deeper each time.  

Gripping onto my shoulders while I clutched at the headboard, he reached his peak. With a final thrust, I let go too as this stranger poured himself into me. Every last drop.

Collapsing onto the bed, we lay in a hot, tangled mess, panting hard. 

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