What will 'female Viagra' mean for your sex life?

The female sex pill is coming.

This week, the American Food and Drug Administration approved Fibransin – the so-called ‘pink Viagra’.

But it’s not a pill that acts on your vagina. It works on your brain.

The campaign for its approval was dressed up as female empowerment and feminism. The FDA will allow the drug on the market with strict warnings about the dangers of side effects including low blood pressure and fainting. Oh, and by the way, you can't have it with alcohol.

So, how does the pill work? How much more sex will it get you if you take it?

This week on the Debrief Daily podcast Just Between Us, we talk to the Director of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, Professor Jayne Leckie.

Because you can bet that the little pink pill will come Down Under. (I'm copywriting that pun).

She questions whether hypoactive sexual disorder is rampant among women, ponders the complexity of desire and wonders whether customer demand is actually manufactured.

You can listen here on iTunes or below:

By listening you will also find out what this has to do with five depressed cats, what to listen to when you do have sex, what the Madonna effect has to do with Taylor Swift and how the U-bend of life long happiness relates to the U-bend of cool.

And just a warning ... there is some adult language in here.

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