Did you have sex on your wedding night? Most couples say...

If you didn't have sex on your wedding night and have been living with the shame of missing out on the best action of your life (if movie clichés are to be believed) ever since, take heart. It’s not just you.

According to a new survey of more than 2,000 newlyweds by UK coupon code site Voucher Codes Pro (via The Daily Mail), 52 percent of couples fail to do the deed on the big night.

The main obstacle to wedding night nookie? The groom getting, uh, over-served. Of the people who abstained, 24 percent said it was because of a drunk new hubby. The next most popular excuse: a too-tired bride, at 16 percent. (It's awfully early in the marriage to be using that one, isn't it, ladies? You don't want to wear it out.) Another 9 percent were too mad to get it on, having fought during the reception (eek). And 7 percent stayed out all night partying with guests instead of hitting the honeymoon suite.

But perhaps the most surprising reason 11 percent of respondents skipped the wedding-night sex was this: they had their kids to look after. (Um, maybe this would have qualified as a night to splurge on a sitter?) This stat reflects how much has changed in marriage, which may occur after kids, with stepkids in town, and well after a couple has been living together.

Okay, ‘fess up: Did you do it on your wedding night?

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