Six people share the sex acts they'd never try again.

It’s likely that most of us have that one sex act we’d never, ever try again. Either because we weren’t really that keen in the first place, we simply didn’t enjoy it as much as we thought we would, or it went horribly wrong.

A recent Reddit thread asked users about the sexual kink they tried once and then decided to never try again, and the answers are… confronting. WHY PEOPLE DID SOME OF THESE EVEN ONCE WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

Erotic Electrostimulation.

Erotic electrostimulation, or electrosex, involves applying electrical stimulation to the nerves – usually the genitals. Generally, the rule is ‘only below the waist,’ because receiving electrostimulation anywhere above the waist can risk a current passing through the heart.

But one Reddit user was not aware of that rule before she tried out the sexual kink.

“One moment I was having a good time, being tied up and teased, then the current went through my nipples and I was involuntary sobbing,” she wrote.  “Yeah… not for me.”

Foot play.

Oh. Didn’t know this was a thing.

“One time in the midst of things, this dude had me basically jerk him off with my feet,” wrote one woman. “It wasn’t terrible, but it was pretty boring and somewhat awkward for me.”

“I had been somewhat curious, but it did nothing for me.”

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Being slapped.

Having someone hit you might look sexy in porn, but the reality is very different from the fantasy.

One Reddit user shared, “I asked to be slapped in the face in the middle of riding cowgirl.”

“I love being spanked so I thought it would have the same sensation, NOPE!”

Instead, the act had a much more sinister effect.

“It brought back memories of an old boyfriend I had totally forgotten about… Will never do that again. It was all very strange.”

Dirty talk.

While dirty talk is pretty common in the bedroom, one man had a bad experience that turned him off it completely.

“I was drunk, so my girlfriend was insistent that I give it a try,” wrote the Reddit user. But there was just one problem.

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"I love being spanked so I thought it would have the same sensation, NOPE!" Image via iStock.

"I couldn't think of a word other than moist so I kept using it in different sentences. She said I could stop, and it still embarrasses me years later."


Water sports.

Wait... what are... ?


"Guy wanted me to pee on him. He said he hadn't tried it before," wrote one woman. "He was just a fling and we were drinking, so I said sure. We were gonna do it in the shower so less of a mess".

But it was here that things got a little more... complicated.

"All is going well, and I'm not turned on by this, but he's liking it..." she explained. "So I'm peeing away. We were drinking, so we went back and forth to the shower a few times in between normal sex sessions".

"Then I realized he was drinking it. Swallowing it in gulps," she continued. "I was horrified, and I remain horrified 8 years later".

"Those bathrooms are way too small and way too dirty." Image via iStock.

 The mile high club.

It's on a lot of people's bucket lists, but according to one woman, the mile high club isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"Those bathrooms are way too small and way too dirty," she wrote. "The guy was like 6'2" and I'm a decent 5'6" and we just couldn't make it work."

It definitely seems like one of those things that's good in theory but a mess in practice. "Not to mention we were both drunk and he couldn't get it up," the Reddit commenter continued. "That was the most awkward, weird walk of shame I've ever had to do."

What's the one sex act you'd never try again?