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This awkward exchange breaks the number one rule of texting.

The old-check-who-you’re-texting chestnut has reared its head again, once more breaking down relationships and creating the kind of awkward scenarios we’re happy to hear about but never want to experience ourselves.

A university student is feeling the pinch, failing to double-check who he was actually messaging and finding himself the butt of a joke spread far across the internet.

The conversation started out innocently enough, with no hallmarks of what was to come.

Because there’s nothing more charming that realising the guy you just invited over congratulates himself in advance, and texts a mate describing how far deep his balls are about to go. What a killer image.

After the exchange was made public on Twitter, the photo has since been liked nearly 100,000 times and re-tweeted nearly 30,000 times.

But it appears not all were happy with their newfound viral fame – namely one – with a follow up text posted to the platform questioning why it’s on Twitter.

Because if the number of likes and retweets isn’t enough to answer that question, perhaps he really is as silly as his actions would suggest.