Who knew peeing on a stick could be so lucrative?

This could earn you big bucks. Okay, small bucks.






Who knew peeing on a stick could be so lucrative?

If you’re pregnant at the moment and are looking to put away some extra cash before the baby is due, then do we have a job opportunity for you!

Selling positive pregnancy tests online.

According to The Daily Dot, there has been a significant rise in Craigslist ads selling positive pregnancy tests – with an average price of $25 a pop.

One enterprising woman explained in her advertisement that since becoming pregnant she had been “asked numerous times for a positive test, so [she] decided to start charging for it!”

She continued, “I don’t care what you use it for, not my business! ;)”

And this seller is also easy to reach. How convenient.

Another soon-to-be mother looking for a little extra cash, provided suggestions as to what a positive pregnancy test could be used for – just in case her customers were out of ideas.

“Wanna get your boyfriend to finally pop the question? Play a trick on mom, dad or one of your friends? I really don’t care what you use it for.”

No questions asked. Buying a positive pregnancy test is so bad-ass, it’s basically like being in the mafia.

Another ad assures potential buyers that, “there’ve been lots of other women asking for my help, so don’t think you’d be the first.”

It’s not just sellers – there have even been ‘wanted’ ads posted on Craigslist, from women looking for positive pregnancy tests for the purposes of everything from carrying out complicated revenge plots, to wanting to convince their partner they’re pregnant. (Okay, that’s definitely the most common one. How many things can a positive pregnancy test be used for, anyway?)

One woman’s wanted ad asks for a “positive pregnancy test or urine”, so that she csn “have the last laugh” after her husband cheated on her. She writes that:

“I was with y ex for 5 years and 2 children. We had been trying for another and he came home last night and said out of all things his receptionist he got pregnant. He had been cheating for the last 6 months. He isn’t sure which one he wants to be with.

He text this morning and said just wanted to make sure you tart your period this week let me know. I was so shocked I have kicked him and I think I handled it well for what a cheating lying dog he s… I am so done with him and angry and don’t want him back but would like the last laugh out of this. I will give some girl $40.”

‘Some girl’ is going to earn herself 40 bucks.

Okay, so selling pregnancy tests online may not be the most profitable or productive career path. And it’s certainly not sustainable…  But the women selling tests are certainly entrepreneurial. And the buyers? Well.

So, er, what do you think about women selling positive pregnancy tests online? Would you ever do it, and can you understand why someone would want to buy one?