The reasons I love my baby's daddy.

Yeah, I’m about to get mushy.

Pregnancy, I’ve found out, is a very me, me, me kind of experience.

No one truly knows what you’re going through except you. Not even other women who’ve been pregnant, because each pregnancy is unique.

More than often, the baby’s dad gets a little left out of the whole pregnancy thing.

While I do try to share as much of it as possible with my husband (like sending him texts with all the gross facts about pregnancy), I am sure there are dads out there that might feel a little bit left out.

But the truth is, dads, you aren’t. Every little thing you do to make pregnancy somewhat better for us, means the world to us. I’m not talking grand gestures. I’m talking the little things you probably don’t even realise you are doing.

"Every little thing you do, to make pregnancy somewhat better for us, means the world to us." Image via iStock.

So to my baby's daddy, these are the things that make me feel like the luckiest pregnant woman around.

1. While I read fiction on our babymoon, he read the whole baby book before I even looked at it.

2. He learned how to do the washing the way I like it for when the baby comes and I won't have time to do it.

3.  During the 8 weeks I experienced 24/7 morning sickness, not once did he complain that I left him stranded every night when I came home from work, said "hi, I'm going to eat a slice of toast and go to bed" at 7pm.

4. He didn't look at the scales at the obstetrician when I was weighed.

5. When I complained about my weight, he said, "don't worry, it's all baby". And when I explained baby weighs about 100 grams, he changed the subject.


6. He held my hand to help get me through when the cranky doctor wouldn't let me lie down for a blood test.

7. He cringed on my behalf when my first ever ultrasound was an internal one. Anyone who's had this will know what I mean.

8. He says I look pregnant and thinks it's a compliment.

"He says I look pregnant and thinks it's a compliment." Image via iStock.

9. He tests my bath water for me to make me worry less about boiling my baby in too hot bath water.

10. He loves my pregnancy boobs more than I do. (I don't like my pregnancy boobs, which you can read about here.)

11. He slows down in the baby clothes section of the supermarket. Even though he knows they have the exact same stuff as the previous 14 weeks.

While I was thinking about my husband, I asked my colleagues to tell me what their partners did for them during their pregnancy.

12. He takes the kids away on weekend mornings so I can sleep in. Nicest thing he could ever do for me.

13. When I was pregnant my husband cleaned the shower and toilet the whole nine months so I didn't breathe in chemical fumes. 

14.  He asked what I wanted for dinner when I was feeling morning sickness, and I said I didn't really know as long as there was something starchy based like potato bake. I came home to the most enormous potato bake - but nothing else.

15. We used to split a Wonka chocolate bar every night, which had five pieces. He always gave me three - an extra one for the baby.  Considering how much he loves chocolate, this was a big deal.


Share what your partner did during your pregnancy in the comments below.

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