Two toddlers have died from this danger in a week

A second Australian toddler has died in less than a week after becoming entangle in a blind cord. Go home and do these simple things right now.

A 15-month-old girl has died after choking on a blind cord. The toddler was found in her home in Quakers Hill at 6.25pm and later died at Westmead Children’s Hospital. Last Thursday a 16-month old girl died in Hornsby after becoming entangled in a cord she accessed from her cot.

In August last year 18-month old Jack Mackay from Mallabula near Newcastle died in a similar tragedy.

KidSafe executive officer Christine Erksine told parents aren’t always aware of the danger. “It’s just one of those horrible accidents that can happen.  It’s just something you wouldn’t be aware of.

Here are 5 steps to ensure your home is safe for your toddler:

1. Check your blind and curtain cords. If children can reach them from the floor or climbing on furniture put them immediately out of reach;

2. Secure cords out of reach. Purchase cleats or tension devices from hardware stores to properly secure them;

3. Hire a trades person to secure any cords you can't secure yourself;

4. Choose safe blinds and curtains that follow new safety standards;

5. Keep children away from cords and chains, particularly child seats, cots, beds, chairs and all furniture.

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