6 things Kate Middleton needs to know before baby #2 arrives.

Do you remember what it is like in that last month before having a second baby?

Oh that last awful month of pregnancy. Do you remember it? The total inability to sleep, the constant wriggle to get comfortable, the vague recollection of what it is like to walk, not waddle and the overwhelming desire to get this baby out (but not before you get organised.)

There is a big difference though in that last month before you have a first baby and that last month before you have baby number two.

A lot less binge-watching Downton Abbey and a lot more preparing a toddler.

In the spirit of the count down to the ROYAL BABY we thought that her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge might need a few helpful hints in how to get through the next month before she is a mum of two:

 1. Get George ready.

George - time to get prepared M'Lord.

It’s difficult to explain exactly what is coming out of the royal tummy to a wee fella. Hopefully by now you have bought him a doll of his own to pretend to feed and a toy stroller to push.

But what he isn't going to be ready for is all the focus on the new bub.  Make sure you have some special occasions ready for him in those first few days after the birth. Maybe some one-on-one time with Grandpops, we've heard Prince Charles is gagging for some time with George.

When the new baby come George's life is going to change as he knows it - and jealousy may rear its royal head.

Get him used to the routine now - quiet games on the palace floor, a few special toys to take out during feed time and introduce him to back-to-back Peppa Pig viewing sessions. It’s the only way you will get through.

 2. Get your freezer and pantry ready.

Grocery shopping with a toddler and a newborn is a bit like barebacked horse riding with a blindfold. Out of control chaos. It’s a stop start scenario. Baby wants a feed, toddler wants a snack, baby needs a change, toddler doesn’t – oh, now he does. It. Is. Not. Fun.

Shop now. Stock up. Bake now. Freeze. Prepare and get to know your nearest online shopping retailer. And tell that Royal Husband of yours to learn to cook more than just welsh rarebit.

3. Nap when George naps.

Rest Duchess while you have the time.

Remember those days when George was first born and he slept for hours, those delicious dreamy days when you would retire to your suite rest as well. I am sorry to say that with a second child the planets simply do not align.

There is no rest for the wicked, let alone a Princess.


It will be a rare day when your two children nap at the same time so enjoy your sleep now because it is going to seriously decline.

My tip: I thought up a great game with my kids when I was pregnant with numbers two and three. Hospitals. Lets play a game where Mummy is really, really sick and has to lie down and you can look after me. They loved it and I got to rest.

4. Have the butler set up the double stroller.

It’s tricky to do it with a new baby screaming for a feed (and the paparazzi baying at the front gate). So set it up soon. George will need to get used to it as well so take him for a spin around the palace grounds pronto.

And while you are at it - maybe get those car seats checked and fitted. Remember the furore last time?

 5. Birth preparations.

With George the preparations were probably months (if not years) in the planning – the candles, the music, the outfit. The birth plan laminated and all the boxes ticked.

With baby number two it’s all about George still. Who will take care of him? Who will tell him? Who will bring him to the hospital? How long he will stay and whether he will still make it to kinder gym and playgroup.

 6. Don’t dwell on those last “onlies.”

The Duchess's last public outing ( Getty Images)

I remember the guilt. That feeling that you were turning your toddler’s world upside down. That feeling that you were being selfish. But he never asked for another baby. That feeling that you couldn’t possibly love another as much as you love your first. You count down the days till your baby arrives with mixed feelings.

Our last trip to the zoo with only one child, our last visit to Grandma, our last time at gymbaroo. Our last few times as an “only”.

Don’t worry you are going to find as much love in your heart for this next little one as your first. Your world will turn upside down in the most delicious way - and in fact you are giving your first born one of the greatest gifts you can - a playmate.

What advice do you have for mums about to have their second baby?

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