"Scientology broke my heart"

Cameron Llywelyn blames the Church of Scientology for her split with Jason Lee.

Apparently, fame and Scientology are a deal-breaking combination when it comes to marriage – or at least, that’s what this week’s news headlines suggest. This time, it isn’t the TomKat saga causing a stir – the newest member to the anti-scientology bandwagon is Jason Lee’s ex-wife, Carmen Llywelyn, who blames the Church’s invasive “auditing” process for the couple’s divorce. She recently told a US news show, “When you’re in session and you’re going through the auditing process, if a question comes up or a thought comes up that has to do with your husband or an intimate sexual detail, you are required to say it… I don’t want to get too gross, but (it would) have to do with sexual positions.” This from SMH:

The actress explains: “When you get married and you have that dynamic of family and children there is that entity, that other extra part, that is involved in so much of the intimate details that at this point in my life I couldn’t imagine being a mature woman… and actually allow it, literally, into my bedroom. The Church goes into your bedroom. Llywelyn also admits she was not surprised to hear Cruise and Holmes had split. “I knew it was gonna happen. You could tell that she had a plan and that was going to be her saving grace and by her just putting it all out there, I think (it) made it very difficult for them (Scientology officials) to attack her.”

Carmen wed her Scientologist hubby in 1995, but claims her reluctance to get involved in the Church led to their split.