After making her daughter a packed lunch, this mum got called to come in for a meeting.

We all know lunchbox shaming is sadly a thing, and one UK mum is outraged at her six-year-old daughter’s school after she received a call from a teacher asking her to come in “for a chat” about her lunch.

Sharing her story to Mumsnet, user BackToBeingMe said although her daughter gets supplied with universal free school meals, she takes a packed lunch every Wednesday because “the gravy the roast meat is cooked in gives her an upset stomach”.

Sharing the contents of her lunch, her packed meal included:

– Cheese and ham mini wrap with lettuce, cucumber and red onion

– Six cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, a pot of hummus

– Grapes cut into quarters

– And the offending item… a mini Pick Up Bar which is made with a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two milk coffee biscuits.

“I am irritated as the teacher has looked in [my daughter’s] lunch bag this morning which I feel is out of order if I’m total honest,” she wrote in her post.

“I was a bit taken aback just now on the phone so didn’t say much at all.

“I would seriously think the school had more to worry about than a flaming fun size biscuit.”

Pick Up Bar lunchbox shamed
The offending biscuit.

According to nutritional values listed on Tesco's website, one biscuit amounts to around 54 calories, 4 grams of sugar and 2.6 grams of fat. While it's no veggie crudités, it's no fruit roll up either.


Although the mother did admit that she was aware of the school's lunch policy, she asked the Mumsnet community for help as to how she should approach the meeting.

Responding to her post, other parents shared their experience of also being lunchbox shamed by their children's teachers.

"I wouldn't have agreed to go in, to be honest. I would have asked them to tell me what the problem was on the phone and taken it from there," wrote one commenter.

"I would go with the 'and what was the school pudding today' line. Schools that do this piss me off when they serve sponge cake and custard, muffins etc for dessert, which will have a far higher fat and sugar content than a Pick Me Up bar," shared another parent.

Are you sick and tired of the lunchbox police? We sure are.

Video by MMC

Some also complimented the mum on her lunchbox selection, which to be honest, was pretty balanced.

"I'm actually mighty impressed with your daughter's lunchbox content. Mine usually get ham sandwiches but can someone tell me do the teachers actually have any authority to confiscate or tell you what to feed your children? Surely not?" they wrote.

While, others made the point that because the Pick Up Bars contain nuts, perhaps that was the reason she was being called in.

"Reading the ingredients, it does contain nuts. That's the likely reason you are being pulled in," voiced one member.

"Whatever the reason, nuts or sweets, they should tell you over the phone rather than call you in. OTT," wrote another.

Would you be offended if your child's teacher looked in their school lunch bag? Tell us in a comment below.

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