School lunch. Discuss.

Most parents find making school lunches A BIG FAT PUNISH. Or is that just me? What did you take for lunch as a kid? If you’re a parent, what do you pack for your kids?

Gnats writes

“With school having just gone back there have been oodles of school lunch idea articles all over the media. But are they for real? In my day I remember vegemite or ham with lettuce and cheese sandwiches, an apple, maybe a piece of slice or some biscuits, but these articles seems to be suggesting full on gourmet meals and exotic sandwich suggestions that my darling Miss 2.5 would laugh at.

I try and be very health conscious with my little ones (who are too little for school yet) and was reading all these articles to try and get a few suggestions for when daycare starts next week, but they just blew my mind. Homemmade pita crisps & beetroot dip; roast beef wraps; sushi, carrot, sprout & sultana sandwiches, sweetcorn & zucchini fritters & fresh Vietnamese rolls were the suggestions in one Sunday newspaper article. Don’t get me wrong – this sounds yummy, but where do parents get the time and do the kids eat it?

My hubby reckons nobody but nutritionists pack this stuff for their kids, but I don’t know.

What was in your child’s lunch box today?”

In my child’s lunchbox today: leftover sushi from last night and some fruit. Phew. I didn’t have to prepare a damn thing. It’s barely been a week back to school/kindy and already I’m flagging.

In my lunchbox as a kid: I was quite partial to a beetroot sandwich on white from the canteen and a chocolate moove. Sometimes, a cream bun also. If I had to bring from home, it was something unappetising on Vogel bread.

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