Schapelle Corby: free by August?

Schapelle Corby


Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, who always protested her innocence on charges of taking 4.3kg of marijuana to Bali, has had her prison sentence slashed by five years after Indonesian authorities recommended her application for clemency be granted.

Schapelle has been in prison for eight years and has suffered publicly from what her family say have been numerous mental health setbacks.

While originally sentenced to 20 years prison, Corby has amassed numerous sentence cuts (typical of the Indonesian government and usually handed out at significant holidays) which, when combined with the five year clemency sentence cut, could see her home in a few years.

Corby is soon to be told of the clemency success.

Reports suggest Corby could be freed by August … but on a parole application which is still an off chance given they are rarely if ever offered to foreigners. If she is offered parole, she would not be able to return to Australia until her parole term ends.

Corby has family in Indonesia.

Authorities are yet to clarify exactly how long is left on her jail term.

This post will be updated as information comes to hand.

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