Is this the strangest pregnancy craving ever?

We've all heard of traditional pregnancy cravings - ice cream and pickles, peanut butter and fried onion sandwiches. Some pregnant women chew ice so much they damage their teeth.

Well here's one you may not have heard of before. Many pregnant women crave beer and nothing can stop them from chugging down a cold one, not even the medical advice not to drink during pregnancy.

So why do some pregnant women crave beer of all things?

Apparently it's because of the extremely high vitamin B content of beer which can even assist in relieving morning sickness. Beer also contains calcium, magnesium, folate and potassium which help with leg cramps amongst other things. In the 1950s doctors actually recommended it as a beverage to pregnant women.

And instead of breeding a group of new alcohol-dependent mums, like all cravings, the desire for beer disappears as soon as the baby is born.

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner told the Telegraph pregnant women shouldn't drink any alcohol while pregnant, concerned about the mixed messages expectant mums receive.  "A zero tolerance of alcohol during pregnancy gives your baby the best possible start in life," she confirmed.

She is concerned about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which is on the rise in middle-class women in some parts of Australia.

What was the strangest craving you had during pregnancy?

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