MIA: I don't understand this photo.


This week, Mariah Carey took the Social Media PDA (pioneered by Shane Warne and Liz Hurley on Twitter) to a whole other level by tweeting a picture of her boobs to her husband Nick Cannon. For his birthday.

I found this image extremely helpful because I’m always struggling to find a decent gift idea for my own husband. He’s really hard to buy for. But thanks to Mariah, next year is totally sorted because I too have boobs and a Twitter account.

Can someone, anyone help me understand this photo? It’s a sexy shot, for sure. It’s even quite tasteful. During a week in which we’ve all been exposed to Miley Cyrus’s brazilian front wedgie, Mariah’s lacey cleavage is positively demure.

Wait, could that be the real reason for this weird tweet to her husband? Is Mariah feeling a bit old school as Miley and Britney and Rihanna compete frantically with one another for chart dominance not with their voices but with their nearly naked bodies?

Has the bar been raised lowered so far from their actual vocal talent that the only way to compete for public attention is to flash your tits and arse? Mariah doesn’t have a single to release this week but happily, her husband is having a birthday so why not use that as an excuse to remind the world that you too are the hotness?

Because why would you have a private sexy moment when you can have a public one.

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What do you think of the way celebrities use their social media accounts? Do you think some things should be left at home?

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