We just found another important reason to love Kylie Minogue's fiance, Joshua Sasse.

If you weren’t seriously into the new and mighty power couple that is Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse before, you certainly will be now.

That’s because 28-year-old Sasse is the man behind the ‘Say ‘I Do Down Under‘ campaign that celebrities including Margot Robbie and Ellen DeGeneres have recently helped to promote.

Speaking to radio hosts Rove & SamSasse explained his desire to campaign for a change in the laws of his soon-to-be adopted homeland.

Listen to Mia, Monz and KdB discuss it on the latest episode of Out Loud:

“Everyone wants this change. Seventy-five per cent of Australians already support marriage equality; that’s like 23 and a half million people,” he said.

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Taking aim at prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to “respect the senate”, the London-based actor continued, “Why don’t you respect the people? The people are the senate. You’re supposed to be representing the people.”


Creating the campaign earlier this year, Sasse writes on the ‘Say ‘I Do’ Down Under’ website, “I was shocked to find out earlier this year that same-sex marriage in Australia is still illegal.

“There are many hurdles in order to achieve marriage equality, but we are now the closest we’ve ever been to that change. Let’s raise our voice and public support for change.”

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When asked about Margot Robbie sporting his t-shirt on Saturday Night Live last month, Sasse cheered.

“It meant the absolute world and she’s such a hero for doing that. Just trying to get the t-shirt to her was a story in itself, and it was amazing,” he explained.

“It’s such a vote of confidence in what we’re doing and spreading the message.”

Sasse’s comments come following the newly engaged couple’s announcement that they have no plans to marry until same-sex marriage is legalised in Australia.