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Is this the first advertisement ever to use footage from a real life birth?

Save The Children have released this new advertisement, to raise awareness about the crucial role of midwives during childbirth. It may well be the first advertisement ever to use footage of a real life birth.


In an affluent country like Australia we are used to a team of doctors, nurses and midwives surrounding us as we give birth. A happy outcome is mostly presumed and those first few moments of our baby’s lives are more often than not filled with joy.

But in many parts of the world, the first few seconds of a baby’s life will often be their last.

Save The Children has released footage of a real, live birth during which a midwife saves a baby’s life as the mother lays there cold, shivering, crying, desperately hoping to hear her baby’s healthy cry. Instead, all we here is silence, and the encouraging murmur of the midwife who works quickly to bring the limp child to life.

Midwives save lives. They are heroes. Please share this post today to raise awareness of the critical role they play.